LISBON // Pizzeria Casanova


OMG how good is the food here?  Right?  It's just so unbelievably yummy.  We hadn't planned on eating there when we arrived -- it was sometime between 3-4 pm which was more of a cocktail hour for us (hey, don't judget -- anyways it was for sure 5pm somewhere else).  Pizzeria Casanova is located along the river in front of one of the ports where cruise ships of any size will dock.  It's among a row of restaurants and a couple of small shops (including a music store!!), all residing in renovated former-warehouses that sprinkle the entire Lisbon shores.

But when we sat down at one of the communal tables and saw table after table with one pizza plate after another, smells of cheese and tomato sauce wafting in the air, we just had to partake.  So we ordered the DIAVOLA (Italian for 'She Devil') and 'She' did not disappoint.  The crust is perfectly thin, the sauce so fresh and tasty, and then there was the spicy paper-thin saussage which gave it that 'Devilish' kick.  Oh, we also ordered the pasta carbonara for good measure.  Y0u know, just in case we would need a snack after the snack.

Av. Infante D. Henrique
Cais da Pedra á Bica do Sapato. 
Arm.7 Loja B
Lisbon, Portuga 

LISBON // Top Ten Things


Portas Do Sol, Castelo, Lisboa

Lisbon is one of the oldest cities in the world, with portions of the city dating back to the Iron Age 8,000 BC.  In fact, Lisbon is considered to be older than Rome, London and Paris.  Lisbon was first settled by the Phoenecians who came circa 600-800 BC, naming it Ulissipo (Greek for enchanting port) after Ulysses, where apparently this Greek demi-God would come to rest between battles. 

It was the Moors who established Lisbon as the city that we know and love today.  Arriving in 711 AD, they built a small town enclosed by a wall, Alfama, Arabic for natural springs and on which the city was built.  Known for its winding streets, small squares, and narrow houses, Alfama still maintains many of its original buildings and structures despite the devastating earth quake of 1755.  It's thanks to the bedrock of natural springs on which this district was built.

DÉCO // Zara Color Steel Cutlery


These stainless steel cutlery pieces have an iridescent color finish, making each individual one perfectly unique.  Mix and match as many pieces as you like, but make sure that you don't pop them into the dishwasher or microwave (oops!).

Starting at € 4 / pc  ||  € 108 / 20 pc set
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HIT LIST // the Fanny Pack


Jared Leto might be the forefather of this 90's revival trend with his wacky collection that he launched in 2015, but it looks like this trend is here and it's here in a big way.  Worn over top blazers, coats, tops and even shoulders, this "utilitarian-chic" item (that's the original trend name it had back in the late 90's) is as much for girls as it is for boys.  The main point?  They're functional, a new way to blatantly wear logos, and they're pick-pocket-safe.

I've rounded up my favorite hip-sacks of 2018:



1. PRADA $1,310 



4. GUCCI $1,310


(all prices in $CAD)

MADRID // Bar Nubel


Adjacent to Madrid's modern art museum, Reina Sofia Museo Nacional, Bar Nubel is a Jetsons-on-steroids space with a laid back vibe and a lot of color.  We were there for brunch and were quite excited about the fact that we could order some Eggs Bennie and champagne, while enjoying some Frank Sinatra as it echoed somewhere in the loftiness the three-story high ceilings.

Bar Nubel seems to be a popular spot for larger groups of friends and families, made easy with their sectional sofas and eclectic mix of chairs, side tables, and foot stools that the staff is tirelessly shuffling and rearranging in order to accommodate the steady stream of in-coming patrons.  Or if you'd like some fresh air,  then head outside to their blue mid-century chairs on the patio and admire the larger-than-life sculpture "Brushtroke" by Lichtenstein.

Calle Santa Isabel, 52
28012 Madrid

(+34) 91 774 1000