PALERMO // Tatum Art Jazz Lounge


Tatum Art is as difficult to find as it is to research on-line, however their Facebook page pretty much sums it up: "Un luogo dedicato al buon bere a alla grande musica"  (a place dedicated to good drink and amazing music).  Quietly located on one of many narrow, winding streets of the up-and-coming Abergheria district, we stumbled upon this hot-spot while it was prepping for another evening of -- you guessed it -- good drink and amazing music.

Indeed, the cocktail menu is extensive as is their wine list.  But what was fun was their old-school style aperitivo buffet which had an assortment of salumi, formaggi, pizze and bruchette -- until after 1am, I might add.  This is unfortunately the exception and no longer the norm.

Ah but then the music.  So good.  So so good.  We were lucky to listen to two different jazz bands and by the time we left close to 2am, there wasn't a free seat in the house. 

Via dell'Università 38
Palermo, Italy
+39 349 441 9873

MOMENT OF // silver foil EYES

AMALFI // Stella Maris


This is as best of a family-run restaurant that you can get on the Amalfi coast (literally, since it is located in the town of Amalfi).  The cuisine is simple and authentic, offering everything that you could possibly want on such a fruitful coast -- seafood salad, marinated bass, tuna tartar, among other yumminesses.

For the post-lunch crowd, the Stella Maris is also a Beach Club and guests can chill out on some lawn chairs with an umbrella, and can enjoy the softness of the lack-of-waves in this most sophisticated beach enviros.

Corso delle Repubbliche Marinare, 2
84011 Amalfi (SA)
Tel. +39 089872463 


PALERMO // SciùRum


This unique hangout space in the historic center of Palermo is the love child of Nasser Charles Ayazpour, a poet and Persian designer who wanted to create a space where art, cultures and tastes co-mingle in a showroom setting (hence "SciùRum"). 

Tucked away in a little courtyard off the main Via Maquade, SciùRum's interior displays a collection of unique furniture and oggetti d'arte from all parts of the world, each telling their own unique story.  The terrace outside is an eclectic mix of vintage sofas, speed signs used as table tops, barber shop chairs, and a large swing.

The kitchen boasts an avant-guarde menu by chef Gabriele Rizzo, a Palermo native with international acclaim.  The plates are beautifully presented and the menu changes weekly -- when we were there we had the antipasto egg waffle with hazelnut butter, fondue, and artichokes.  It did not disappoint.

Siazzetta PP3, n. 4/5 Palermo
Area Quaroni, Via Maqueda tra il civico 288/290

PALERMO // Molti Volti


In the melting pot district of Balarrò in Palermo, Sicily, MoltiVolti is a hybrid co-work-space-come-restaurant.  Formed in 2014 by a group of friends from Senegal, Zambia, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, France, Spain, Gambia and Italy, this multi-purpose space is a friendly HAFH (home-away-from-home... I think I just made that up) where you can work, eat or just hang out.  

As colorful as its surrounding neighborhood, MoltiVolti serves a busy lunch and dinner menu offering bottarga and lemon spaghetti, gnocchi tenerumi and shrimps, and a variety of couscous dishes.  But if you're there to get some work done, you can either park yourself at any of their communal tables and indulge in their smily-faced café lattes, or you can rent a spot in their adjoined co-work 14 person space to hold larger meetings and exchanges of ideas.

One of my favorite things about this place is their unique, one-of-a-kind fan system made of rotating canvasses that flap above in unison, quietly cooling you off as you soak in the chill factor.

Via G.M. Puglia, 21
Palermo, Sicily