Happy New Year!

NYE / black + gold

Time to end the year with a bang!  We thought it would be chic to do it in back + gold.

QUOTE / of the day


We must love Karl very much, because we pardon this very naughty yet humorous quote that he made earlier this year to Vogue UK:

"Adele is another problem. I never said that she was fat. I said that she was a little roundish; a little roundish is not fat. But for such a beautiful girl... after that she lost eight kilos [17.6 pounds] so I think the message was not that bad."

- KL

NOSE / worthy 2013

What a year it has been.  We thought we would highlight the Top Ten fashion moments of 2013 so that we can bid adieu to the old in order to make room for the new.

Here are the Top Ten fashion moments of 2013:

NYE / outfit

Brrr it's cold outside.  The ground is frozen.  Salt is everywhere.  Still, there is no excuse for not looking chic on New Year's Eve.  This time, I will go for classic BROSE with the Jodi strapless feather dress which debuted in the very first Spring 2009 collection.   With it I will create a kind of 'French boudoir' look with sexy retro lingerie, a girly pink lipstick and hose, and with a flash of whimsy with these moustache studs which I think are just too fun.

Here is how to get the complete look:

1- BROSE Jodi strapless tiered ostrich dress $695 (by special order)

2- CUTEBERRY moustache studs $16

3- ZARA kitten heal leather vamp shoe $50

4- ARMANI BEAUTY vintage pink 505 sheer lipstick $32

5- JIL SANDER fingerless leather gloves $732

6- PIERRE BLAMAIN high-waisted corset bottoms $76

7- CERVIN bi-color stockings $40



Who can forget this classic SATC moment when Carrie rushes out in her PJ's and fur coat to surprise Miranda at her apartment?  Friendship should always comes first before sensible dressing.

HIT LIST / abs pillow

This pillow is very motivating, especially for after the holidays.

ABS pillow by BELOVED

MOMENT OF: street art


So inspired by these images of street art I just stumbled upon.  Love the use of pop brights and whimsy to brighten up the urban landscape.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: Marilyn Monroe


Wishing you and yours all the best for the holidays!  Now we leave you with one of our favorite quotes from one of our favorites.


DREAMING OF: pom pom balloons

SWISS ALPS / loft getaway


It's as if someone just plopped a super modern New York style loft into the Alp cliff-sides of Zermatt, Switzerland.  Mixing pine with steel with glass, local architect Heinz Julen has created a modern retreat in the heart of one of the most prestigious ski destinations in the world.  The best feature of this space is a suspended and illuminated table which can be raised and lowered from coffee table, to dining table, to ceiling height.  The place is an adventure on its own, it might tempt you to never put on a ski boot.

$1,595 - $4,149 / night 

3 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms (3 Ensuite)
Zermatt, Switzerland

FRIDAY pin up

It's Friday!  Time to round up this week's favorite Pins.

COUP DE COEUR: sparkly sneakers

STYLE / me pretty

We recently discovered this beautiful bride wearing BROSE on her honeymoon in Paris, as featured on Style Me Pretty.  Look how happy she is in her TOTO feather back dress!  Being in Paris probably helped, too.

Here are some of our favorite pics. 

AS SEEN IN: Filler Magazine

Filler Magazine recently featured our MAX ostrich poof dress.  We love the whole 80's glamazon vibe.

MAX ostrich feather poof dress by BROSE
€835 | pre-order it here

HIT LIST: célfie


The "Selfie" had quite a year: not only was it officially added to the dictionary as a legitimate word, but it was also named the word of the year by Oxford. 

100% cotton | $39 


X STRADA / paris fashion week

I love how this editor glammed up a cozy sweater with a delicate hair band and lots of gold.

GOLD / member


Not sure what much more can be said.  Only that it is a more elegant way to say so.  Perhaps even victorious.  In any event, it made us smile.

GET THE LOOK / white out

Given the sudden & recent snowfalls that have sent Toronto's public transit system into a tizzy, we are really feeling white.  Head to toe.  Plus gold.  And comfort.

Here are our favorite white pieces:

1- BROSE strapless quarter circle dress €510
2- MISS SELFRIDGE white ottoman rib sweater £29
3- BARBARA BUI contrast stripe skinny white pant $475
4- BENEDICT VON LEPEL calf leather sculpted cuff $240
5- JENNI KAYNE perforate pointed mules $625
6- SAINT LAURENT monogram leather clutch $2,300

HIT LIST: miu miu jersey

Ok, so this might be a little trendy.  But once you get sick and tired of wearing this in public, it could easily transition into some cool PJ's.  I just love how it is at such a (relatively) affordable price.  

TEAM MIUCCIA printed cotton jersey by LPD NEW YORK
100% cotton | machine wash | $85 

WANT: gauzy jumper by Humanoid


Oh this is so delish.  The fuzziness.  The color.  The length.  The open neck.
Just perfect.

MASO mohair v-neck sweater by HUMANOID
82% kidmohair 16% polyamide 2% elastane | $151

OBSESSED / skinny LED string lights

I recently had the honor of being a guest at a beautiful X-mas / B-day cocktail party where I discovered these super skinny light garlands by Restoration Hardware.  The little LED lights are so tiny -- as well as the string that binds them together -- that they create a kind of constellation of stars as if shimmering from far far away.  It was so dreamy, I almost thought that maybe Santa Claus does exist.

NOSE / worthy

Former co-founder and creative director at Jimmy Choo, Tamara Mellon just released a video to celebrate her very first collection for her eponymous label.  Karlie Kloss stars in a short, slightly campy (think Quentin Tarantino) fashion film entitled “High Heels and Sharp Knives” said to be inspired by photograher Guy Bourdin.

Kloss gives Mellon’s “Sweet Revenge” leather legging boots a spin — they’re basically pants with boots attached — which run for $1,995 and are sold out in almost every size on Net-A-Porter.

Here is some more nose-worthy news:

H&M sales reported to be up 13%, apparently thanks to Isabel Marant

Loehmans files for its third bankruptcy

Chanel names Kristen Stewart to be the new face at the Metiers d'Art traveling fashion in Dallas

McQ pre-spring/summer 2014 collection video is very 'clubby' 

Karl Lagerfeld, Anna Wintour, John Galliano and Donatella Versace  immortalized by 12 year old wunderkind tee illustrator, Missy X

FRIDAY pin up


It's Friday!  Time to round up this week's favorite Pins!

HIT LIST / eagle necklace

The Eagle has always been a symbol of power. The nature of the bird at the top of the food chain and its ability to soar above the world made it symbolic of a higher power, knowledge and authority. The wings signify protection, and the gripping talons symbolize ruin to evildoers.  Those are some of the reasons why we love this necklace, other than it being super cute.

enamel & crystal mix | $36.95

MÖDERN cliff house

This pure box is precariously perched off a bedrock cliff along the Atlantic coast of Nova Scotia, Canada.  Designed by architects Mackay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects, this cliff house heightens one’s experience of the landscape through a sense of vertigo and of floating on the sea.  Mission accomplished, I would say.

DREAMING OF: the weekend

One of my favorite sayings ever: 'Why not?"  This will be my mantra for the entire weekend.

Happy weekend!

HIT LIST / big heart ring

MOMENT OF: supermodels

The recent editorials of Kate Moss for Playboy and Christy Turlington for Harper's Bazaar UK made me realize that our beloved supermodels from the 90's -- the originals! -- are still relevant today, and looking more beautiful than ever.  Remember the good old days when super models were a little curvy (sort of) and tall and glamazon-ish?  I miss them.  Things seemed simpler back then.

Here are some recent editorials featuring some of our favorites:

Christy Turlington, Harper's Bazaar UK January 2014

Kate Moss, Playboy December 2013

Claudia Schiffer, GUESS 30 year anniversary campaign

Naomi Campbell, ELLE September 2013

Linda Evangelista, Hogan Spring 2013 campaign 

And of course, a post about 90's supermodels would not be the same without including George Michaels's ground-breaking video for Freedom.

X STRADA / Anna Wintour

Love this pic of Anna Wintour circa 1990!  Who knew she had this sexy side to her?  And look at those gams!  Anna just celebrated her 64th birthday last month on November 3rd.  I hope I look that good then.

WANT: muppet cupcakes


I don't know what it is about the holidays that make me feel so nostalgic, but when I saw these muppet cupcakes I just almost died and went to childhood heaven!

OBSESSED / Zara evening collection

Pairing black with midnight blue is a classic, and we love how Zara did this so effortlessly in their evening collection.

Here is how to get the look:

1- BROSE black & navy ostrich strapless dress $645

2- ASOS black strap heeled sandal $76

3- FENDI lace tunic 453

4- LANVIN gold double-finger cool ring $634

5- LA PERLA navy mesh thong £16

6- J BRAND dark wash skinny jeans $260

7- STELLA MCCARTNEY navy & gold chain big tote $1,725