Wedding X-list / La Maison Champs Elysées, Paris


This is the one venue that still haunts me - in a good way.  It's the one that was way up there on our list.  Here's why.  Location: in Paris, near Les Champs Elysees.  Decor: the entire hotel has been recently designed & decorated by renowned maximal-minimalist designer Martin Marigela.  Price: affordable.  Now, while I may not be cool enough to actually wear Margiela, I could definitely host a wedding reception in this space that combines my favourite colors - black + white - with historical architecture and modern decor.  
I mean, the dance floor room is painted entirely in black.  Perfect.

Please see my earlier post about this hotel..

La Maison Champs Elysées
€285 + / night
8 rue Jean Goujon
75008 Paris
01 40 74 64 65

Honeymoon Ideas / Tzekos Villas, Santorini

When you think of Santorini, images of the Caldera cliffs and blue-domed churches immediately come to mind.  So why not just get right in there?  Let's.  Located in the main town, Fira, the Tzekos Villas are literally built into the Caldera cliff-side and offer unlimited panoramic views of the surrounding volcanic islands and the majestic landscape that plunges into the deep blue Aegean Sea.  
Bonus: this place will not break your bank.

Tzekos Villas
€220 + / night
Fira, Santorini

Wedding X-list / Deerhurst Resort, Muskoka


The Deerhurst Resort is a very special place for me, which is why it was the first that we visited as a potential venue for our wedding.  Sitting on some 200+ acres of sprawling land overlooking Lake Penninsula, the resort was established over a century ago and I have had the privilege of enjoying it for over 30 years.  It is where we spent our summers, our winters, and it is also now across the lake from the cottage that my parents eventually built.  Like literally across the lake - you can swim there.  Even though our final venue choice is beyond amazing, it still breaks my heart a little that I will not be getting married at the Deerhurst.

Deerhurst Resort
1235 Deerhurst Drive
Huntsville, ON P1H 2E8
(705) 789-6411

 Main dining room.

  The Rotunda Room, where we would have held the reception.

  This is where Shania Twain & Mutt Lange held their wedding reception.  
Hopefully the decor was different.

 One of the suites at the Summit Lodge.

Our cottage is directly behind the gazebo.

FALL 2013 / Sneak Peak (part 3)


Another amazing fitting today!  Some fave picks:

Wedding X-list / Le Chemin Des Vignes, Paris

So much work went into sourcing venues, I thought I would at least share some of them. Maybe someone else can benefit from it.  This was one of the first places that we scouted for our wedding, when we were initially considering Paris as the destination.  It is a vineyard on the South-West outskirts of Paris which was once occupied by the Nazis as a bunker.  Now thankfully it has been restored as a fully functioning vineyard with an elaborate system of 'caves' where you can easily seat 250 people.  We worked with an amazing wedding planner, Gwenaelle, at Mission Mariage.

Le Chemin Des Vignes
7 Rue Pasquier  
75008 Paris, France
+33 (0)1 42 65 39 86

Obsessed / Light Clusters



by Dan Yeffet and Lucie Koldova for BROKIS

  Roll & Hill, 2012, United States
 smoked glass  |  bronze rod  |  104 x 91 x 51cm
 Price on request

 Michael Anastassiades, 2012, United Kingdom
 “Tree in the Moonlight” |  brass structure + opaline blown glass |  55 x 127 x 25cm
 Price on request

Michael Anastassiades, Contemporary, United Kingdom
 3 ball lights in gold plated stainless steel |  gold plated pendant rod  |  6 x 5cm
€ 3,140

André Cazenave, 1970,  France
hand crafted | various sizes
 € 760 - € 960

 by Dan Yeffet and Lucie Koldova for BROKIS

FALL 2013 / Sneak Peak (cont'd)