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When I die and go to heaven, this is exactly how I imagined it: stacked wine bottles everywhere!  The Chelsea Wine Cellar is a true diamond in the ruff.  Stocked with more than 2,700 labels (the owner said that's when he stopped counting), this cozy shrine to the nectar of the Gods is a densely packed, serene nook in the heart of the bustling Chelsea district.  I could easily spend the day in there.  I said this out loud as I happily snapped my photos. Some customers looked at me strangely - when I explained that the LCBO doesn't allow us to enjoy wine in the same way, they understood.

Chelsea Wine Cellar
200 West 21st Street
New York, NY 10011
(212) 675-1813

Bought one of each of these.  Couldn't decide between the two.

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