Happy New Year!

TOP TEN / Fashion Moments 2014


After a few (or several) tough seasons in the industry, 2014 marked the start of an emerging optimism in fashion.  After years of black and leather and black leather, finally a lighter and mood has come out of the wood works.  We started to see things like color, full skirts and -- my favorite - white appearing on the catwalks and the red carpet.  Here are my favorite 10 fashion moments of this year.

#10 - Fashion Blogger in Paris
I love this maxi tutu, and I love how she is playing it up.  So un-French.

#9 - Brazil Fashion Week
I was so honored to be invited to sit front row this year at Brazil Fashion Week.  So much talent.  So much beading.  Truly inspiring.

#8 - Kenall Jenner's Blue Suit 
Look at those legs! 

#7 - Jared Leto at the Oscars
He is always doing something different.  The Jesus Christ hair do with retro white tux jacket is a classic.

#6 - New York Fashion Week, Street Style
How refreshing to see color on the streets of New York - especially during fashion week.  And I always like seeing hats with ears.

#5 - Missoni, Spring 2015
I really found that they reinvented their signature 60's zigzag stripes this season in light chiffons and a fresh color palette.  Plus there were those yummy lips.

#4 - Blake Lively, wearing Chanel at the Cannes Film Festival
The woman is a stunner, but especially in this frosty Chanel Couture gown.  And with those loose toussles of hair.  Yes.

#3 - Chanel Fall 2014 Supermarket Show
Karl never disappoints.  This star-studded show goes down in history.  Not only for the kitschy use of a supermarket, but also because all of the editors tried to steal everything after the show (toilet paper, cheese, etc) -- and got busted.

#2 - Lupita Nyongo, wearing Prada at the Oscars 
Even though I was not impressed with her comment, "I designed this dress with the help of Prada" (WTF?), this is still one of my most favorite red carpet looks, ever.

#1 - Rihanna's Boobs, Paris Fashion Week
Rihanna was all over the Paris Fashion Week, having attended the most A list shows like Balmain, Dior, Lanvin McCartney... and always, her boobs were there along for moral support.  This pic was taken at one of the after-parties.

MOMENT OF / grouped pendants


For those of us who can't decide on just having one.



As a way to celebrate the qualities of glamour and luxury that have become synonymous with the KARTENN brand, "Precious Kartell" is a new collection of plastics in beautiful metallic finishes gold, silver, bronze, gun-metal and copper.  In addition to reviving some of the Kartell classics, the collection introduces some new objets sure to illuminate anyone's room.


THIS / is where I am


Well not really.  But close!  I am up north in Muskoka all week with family.  Feeling so blessed.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

JUST / one more day...

CHRISTMAS / last minute gift ideas at The Drake General Store


I always -- and by that I truly mean ALWAYS -- stop by the Drake General Store (and more than once) for my holiday gift-giving needs.  This year was no exception.  Luckily, I had the bonus pleasure of stumbling upon them at their pop-up shop at The Bay Queen Street flagship store.  What a treat!  During my visit their earlier last week it was one of the busiest spots in the entire store.  This season, they really knocked it out of the park.  It was hard to choose, but here are some of my favorite items.

Canada Mason Jug, $12

Areaware Harry Allen Rope Bowl, $115

Cross Enamel Stockholm Measuring Cup, $29

Herdmar Cronos Cutlery Set, $58

Ceramic Camp Mug, $8

Marble & Wood Cheeseboards, $54



WEDDING / snips & snaps

CHRISTMAS / tree alternatives


It was really hard to find a nice tree this year, so this got my creative juices flowing and set me off on the hunt for other Christmas tree alternatives.  Even though we ended up finding a lonesome Frasier Fur tree with a crooked back (I felt to sorry for it, he really needed a home), here are some cool ideas.  Maybe next year.

DENMARK / Clarrods


Another reason why Denmark is so cool: situated in the heart of Copenhagen, Clarrods is a furniture-store-come-coffee-shop-come-bar.  Essentially, it is the nexus of everything that I love: simple modern design + laid back vibes + lots of vintage stuff + wine.  On the weekends they even bring in a DJ.  Sold.

Clarrods Interior
Strandstræde 19
1255 København K.

+45 40 63 20 16