PARIS / Montmartre: Top 5 Places To Stay

There are two ways to do Montmartre.   One is to walk up those famouosly long stairs to the top of the hill (hence the 'Mont'), make your way through a never-ending supply of cheap souvenir shops, snap a pic of yourself in front of the Sacré-Coeur basilica, pay for an over-priced café at the Place du Tertre, get conned into having your charicature sketched by a local starving artist, then make your way back down the hill and take a ride on the carousel and wonder what all the fuss is about.

The other way (read: better way) is to skip all of that -- well, okay, maybe not all of that because you still definitely need to visit the Sacré-Coeur basilica with its breathtaking views of Paris -- throw away the map and just lose yourself in the meandering streets, antique stores and restaurants of this little village within the city's core.   In recent years, Montmartre has become an up-and-coming district for the hipsters and known for its underground nightlife.  This likely originated back in the 18th century when, because at the time it was located outside of the city and thus exempt from taxes, it became a popular place to drink, eventually developing into an area of indulgent entertainment.  This gave way to the infamous Moulin Rouge and Le Chat Noir, both of which still operate today as sophisticated burlesque venues amongst all of the sex shops and peep shows on the Boulevard de Clichy.

Yes, Montmartre is still considered to be the "artist district", though things have certainly changed since the 19th century.  Long gone are the likes of Piassaro, Van Gogh, Matisse, Picasso, Modigliani....  Instead, you will have better luck finding some cool hip new "boîte" like La Cigale, designed by Philippe Starck and Thierry Costes, or the retro beatnik La Divette for some authentic bohemian vibes.  For day-time café hopping, Les Deux Moulins is is always full of artist types -- it also happens to be the place where Amélie worked in the movie.  Or sip some wine at the Caves Bourdin, it's a wine shop that doesn't look like much from the outside but is easily somewhere you can kill a few hours on a rainy afternoon.

Due to its relative affordability, Montmartre has also become a popular place to stay.  Hotels are reasonable and with being perched up above Paris, offer some beautiful views of the city. The Terrass Hotel is one such ideal spot, as well as the Hotel Des Arts.  For something more modern there is the Kube Hotel with its floating beds and bar made of ice c(k)ubes, or for something a little edgier you can stay at the Hotel Montmartre Mon Amour which *artistically* explores the many types of love.

Of course, I always prefer to stay in an apartment.  It just feels more authentic.  And in a place like Montmartre, authentic is the way you want to go.  Here are some of my favorite spots.

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1 BEDROOM, 2-3 person(s)
Tour Eiffel
(Métro Abesses)
$288 / night

1 BEDROOM, 2-3 person(s)
Coeur Vue
(Métro Abesses)
$187 / night

1 BEDROOM, 2-3 person(s)
(Métro Chateau Rouge)
$175 / night

2 BEDROOM, 3-4 person(s)
Rue Tardieu
(Métro Abesses)
€249/ night

3 BEDROOM, 5-6 person(s)
Rue des Trois Frères
(Métro Abesses)
€363/ night