PARIS / St Germain: Top 5 Places to Stay


This is the first part of a series about where to stay in Paris by district.  I get so many requests to recommend specific apartments to rent, so I decided to put it all down in one place.  And why not start with my favorite '6ème arrondissement', St-Germain-Des-Prés?  

There are so many reasons why I love this district the most.  One would be that it is the area where I used to stay with my family when we would visit there.  We used to stay at a hotel that is now called Hotel Bel-Ami, located right in the heart of St Germain.  Back then it was more of a modest hotel, however now it is a luxurious 4-star boutique hotel just a few minutes' walk from the Café de Flore, Les Deux Magots, and from my favorite bar in the entire world (never mind Paris): Le Bar du Marché.  Of course there are other amazing and less trendy hotels in the area that I always recommend: Hotel de Buci is small and cozy and just around the corner from LBDM; the Hotel St Germain is a classic and on a quiet street; and Hotel Prince de Condé is so charming with only 11 rooms, also around the corner from the LBDM (see where I am going with this?).

Another reason why the 6th is so amazing is the shopping.  Having recently been inundated with top luxury houses like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Emporio Armani, the 6th is also home to a multitude of boutiques, a local fresh produce & meat Marché, the Jardin du Luxembourg where you can play tennis or have a picnic, and the historic Deyrolle that was once the taxidermist for the 'sun' King Louis VI.  And if you still need something to do, pop over to Le Bon Marché, Paris' luxury department store said to cater to 'les vrais femmes parisiennes' (the real Parisian women).

Some of my favorite places to eat in St Germain are Le Bistrot d'Henri, a family-run tiny little place that makes the best foie gras, period. For something a little more formal, the white table cloth service at Allard is an experience that you will cherish forever.  Some other great cafés where you can sip wine and nibble are La Palette where Picasso used to hang out, Le Mabillon for people watching, L'Avant Comptoir for its bouillabaisse, and Les Etages for their candied nuts.  For nightlight there is the trendy Alcazar restaurant & club where Coco Chanel once tried out to be a singer, but clubbing is not really why you come to the 6th.  Otherwise, the area is full of crêperies and shawarma places that will satisfy a craving for something salty.

So now I will recommend my favorite apartments to stay in the 6th.  I have made a selection based on whether you are alone, as a couple, or need 2 bedrooms or more.  

(NOTE: I recently learned that the studio apartment that I rented while a fashion student many years ago is no longer available. Sob sob.)

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STUDIO LOFT, 1-2 person(s)
Rue de Rennes 
(near Metro Saint-Placide)
€1,050 / week

STUDIO, 2 person(s)
St Sulpice
(near Metro Saint Sulpice)
€1,300 / week

1  BEDROOM, 2-3 person(s)
Rue de Grenelle
(near Metro Saint Michel)
€1,480 / week

2 BEDROOM, 4-6 person(s)
Jardin Luxembroug
(near Metro Odéon)
€1,580 / week

3 BEDROOM, 6 person(s)
(near Metro Odéon)
€1,393 / week

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