I still wear this blazer and I still get tons of compliments. It is from my Spring/Summer 2013 collection which was inspired by Mykonos, because at the time I was designing that collection I was also preparing my wedding there.  I guess that is why it just means so much to me.

Will definitely bring this with me to Brazil Fashion Week.  A perfect fit.


The big bow always puts me in a good mood! 
Here are some of my favorite big bow pieces in stores now:

Big Bow Tee by J.W. ANDERSON, $735

Bow Hair Tie by TOPSHOP, £3

Bow Tie Trousers by BROSE, $545

 Bow Quilted Shoulder Bag by MERCI, €25

Bow Patent Pumps by SAINT LAURENT, $695

HBD, Lady Gaga!


Today Lady Gaga celebrates 28 years on this planet. Here are some of our favorite Gaga looks, on the more normal side.

Happy Birthday!

ANTWERP / The Jane


Named after our beloved jungle girl -- or, the better half of Tarzan -- is this dazzling restaurant, Jane, set to open in Antwerp this month.  Located in the trendy area of Groen Kwartier (that's Dutch for 'Green Quarter'), an area known for its restored loft buildings with lots of green spaces, Jane is primed to become the go-t0 for the city's creative types.  Despite the the use of negative space, minimalist decor and complete lack of color, this locale musters up loads of sensuality and dark glamor.  You could certainly imagine Jane swinging about on one of the chandeliers and swooping down to munch on, well, something from their menu.  We don't know what it is yet, they are keeping it hush hush.

Site 't Groen Kwartier, Paradeplein

2018 Antwerp, Belgium

MOMENT OF: Princess Fairy


Sometimes when I need a time out, I stare at this pure little princess fairy girl.  
We all deserve to wear a tiara, once in a while.
Let's say a cheer to Tiara Thursdays!


WANT: Zara Mules S/S14


Someone sure got the memo on this season's must-buy shoe: the mule.  Zara really hit the nail on the head with this edited assortment of architectural mules that touch on all of the bright spots: pointed toes, block heels, matte bronze finishes, and open toes.  It is a home-run-and-a-half.

Zara S/S14 Shoe Collection

HIT LIST: Reed Krakoff Sleeveless Sweatshirt


Statement sweatshirts are all the buzz this season but they have mostly been casual versions with cooky animal motifs or off-the-wall embroideries and appliques such as sequins, feathers and the like.  Enter this chic, simple, understated satin & linen sleeveless sweatshirt by Reed Krakoff and the game changes entirely.  I mean, it is almost the anti-statement sweatshirt.  Goes with everything.  Can layer on top of anything.  Will cover up something.  Such a multi-tasker, really.

Stretch Silk Satin & Linen Sleeveless Sweatshirt by REED KRAKOV
$590 | Available:


PARIS / Louvre: Top 5 Places to Stay


I just so happened to be in Paris the summer that they first erected the Pyramid in the middle of the Louvre grounds.  At the time, les Parisiens just could not accept this horrible atrocity inflicted by Mittérand on this most holy of city landmarks.  Twenty-five years later, I am sure we would all agree that it would be impossible to imagine the Louvre without it.

When the sun shines on the Louvre in the late afternoon and the bricks start to glow this clear, incandescent color for which there is no name, I promise you it is one of the most beautiful things you will ever see.  As it stands today, the Louvre Museum is one of the largest in the world and was created after the French Revolution, even though its prized possesssion, the Mona Lisa, was acquired in the 14th century by King Charles V.  The Louvre Palace itself, however, has its origins from the 12th century, remnants of which can still be seen in the crypt.

Fast forward to today: the Louvre is not only one of the most important museums located smack dab in the middle of Paris, it is the district for luxury fashion, chic nightlife, decadent hotels, prestigious art galleries and indulgent musings.  Above all else, it is the home of Paris Fashion Week.  In essence, the Louvre is a full blown district and if you stay there, you may never want to leave it.

Although not technically in the Louvre district, the Pont Des Arts is one of the most inspiring places to visit.  Linking the east wing of the Louvre to the 6th district (and only a 7 minute walk to Le Bar du Marché, which is a must-see no matter where you are staying in Paris), this is a pedestrian-only bridge where you will frequently see people hanging out, playing their guitar and enjoying a wine & cheese picnic.  Over the last few yeas it has become very à la mode to hitch a love lock on the the railing - legend has it you are supposed to lock it up, make a wish, and throw the key into the river.  In fact, this what my husband and I did when he proposed to me on this very bridge.

So let's talk shopping.  It is pretty much all about la Rue St Honoré, there you will find all of the big boys like Chanel, Lanvin, Balenciaga, Balmain, Longchamps, Chloé, Saint Laurent.... It also is the home of fashion meccas Colette, Maria Luisa, and vintage master Didier Ludot, who not only wrote the book on The Little Black Dress but also houses his astounding collection of vintage luxury in one of my favorite squares of Paris - Le Palais Royal.  For non-fashion shopping, I highly recommend Les Antiquaires du Louvre which is a labrynth of antique stores located directly underneath the Louvre.  It is certainly not a place for bargain hunters, but it is inspiring none-the-less.

Daytime is all about the cafes.  Any one of them really on la Rue St Honoré will do, there is so much people watching to do you might just want to hit them all.  Certainly my most favorite is Le Castigilone which is historically located near Place Vendôme, a place where every woman dreams her engagement ring will come from, what with all of the most prestigious brands in fine jewelry and watches perched around the circular "square" like jewels on the Queen's crown. 

For nightlife, you will want to go to Hotel Costes (that is, if you can get in).  That is pretty much all I have to say about that.

The Louvre district offers some of the most luxurious hotels in the entire city.  The best are what I call the Fab Five: George V, Le Crillon, Le Lotti, Hotel du Louvre, and Le Castille.  For more boutique style environments, there is the Hotel O which delivers on its name by offering a circular design aesthetic to the max.  Or there is the Hotel Thérèse that combines luxury aesthetics with affordable prices.

But, as always, I prefer to stay in an apartment.  Here are my top 5 picks.

Also See:

St-Germain: TOP 5 Places to Stay

Le Marais: TOP 5 Places to Stay

Montmartre: TOP 5 Places to Stay

Top Ten Things To Do in Paris

1 BEDROOM, 2 person(s)
Palais Royal
(near Métro Palais Royal)  

€100 / night

LOFT, 2-4 person(s)
Louvre Victoire
(near Métro Bourse)  

€178 / night

1 BEDROOM, 2-4 person(s)
Pont Neuf
(near Métro Pont Neuf) 

€180 / night

2 BEDROOM, 4 person(s)
(near Métro Tuileries) 

€180 / night

3 BEDROOM, 6-8 person(s)
Palais Royal Luxe
(near Métro Bourse) 

€178 / night

WANT: Pick n Mix Shades

Well, color us happy!  UK-based Quirk has out together a cheerful collection of lampshades where you can mix & match 25 inside and 15 outside color combinations of a cylinder drum style lampshade that come in 5 different sizes.  Having problems deciding on a color?  Then just order them all!  They only cost £25.

Pick n Mix Drum Lampshade by QUIRK  
5 sizes  | £25 each

NOSEY / ALT Leaves Numéro Russia


Only one short year after leaving his plush post at Vogue as Editor-At-Large for a lucrative position as Editor-In-Chief at Numéro Russia, André Leon Talley has apparently resigned from his new role at the Russian mag.

Citing a ''fabulous'' salary as the main motivator behind his decision to take on the helm of EIC at Numéro Russia, it seems a shame that the partnership did not last longer - despite claims that the parting was mutual.

But not to worry, Andre already has lots on the go: in addition to being Creative Director at Zappos Couture, ALT has has been approached by several luxury brands who are seeking his input on, well, we are not quite sure what.   Being ''fabulous'' is, we are sure, one of them.

Source: WWD



My obsession with anything Karl Lagerfeld is no news.  But I nearly peed my pants when I discovered his quirky website while researching about the launch of his new fragrance today at Harrod's, KARL PARFUMS.  This Karl mecca really does have everything you want - and need - to know about the Keiser: his favorite book of the moment, his choupette capsule collection, his self portait for Madama Figaro, and all of his favorite places from around the world.  My favorite section is of course the Karlisms which offer little nuggets of Karl wisdom such as ''Boredrom is a crime'' and ''I think tattoos are horrible - it's like living in a Pucci dress full-time.''  Ahh Karl, we love you.

NOSEY / Insta Nails


For all of you who always wanted to turn your instagrams into nail art, your day may finally be coming.  Instagraming your mani pedi will seem like a distant, passé memory thanks to this new app development by soon-to-be-running NailSnaps, who is currently awaiting funding by none other than KickStarter.  Promising to turn your smart phone images into nail art, NailSnaps is seeking a little more than $47,000 to turn this idea into reality.  A small sum, really, given the recent explosion of image super-imposing onto anything from pillow cases to refrigerators and now - hopefully - to your own nails.

#PFW / Future Feet


The Paris fall-winter 2014 shows have come to a stop, and we couldn't help noticing a lot of futuristic looking footwear.  A lot of platforms, rubberized surfaces, functionality, and aerodynamic features.  This has been going on for some time at Balenciaga, and occasionally at Chanel.  But when you see it on the likes of Chloé & Stella McCartney, you know it is something to watch out for.  We particularly loved the padded ankle booties at Chloé, certainly one of the more wearable of the bunch.

Featured below, top to bottom, left to right: Chloé, Balenciaga, Chanel, Stella McCartney, Dior. 

OBSESSED / Céline Fur Muff

These faux fur muffs shown on the Céline fall-winter 2014 catwalk earlier this week are divine.  They were presented in an array of colors - mustard, sable, and taupe - but we like it best in pure white.

#PFW / Rihanna


With a new black bob and killer outfits, it has been hard to miss Rihanna who seems to be anywhere and everywhere all over Paris during fashion week.  Having attended all of the major shows - Balmain, Chanel, Givenchy, Stella McCarttney, Lanvin, to name but a few - Rihanna has donned some of this week's most ballsy looks.