MOROCCO / minimalist mountain MAISON


In the foothills of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco stands this stoic villa designed by Studio KO.   Blocked prisms, earth tones and exotic textures mark this home designed in a color palette that mimics its surrounding landscape - terra cottas, muted browns, and dusty putties.  Architects Karl Fournier and Olivier Marty - who keep offices in Paris and Marrakech and ergo, are masters at mixing East with West - already have such clients as Hermes.  So it is no wonder that this villa drips with understated luxury and timeless modernism.  My favorite feature are the stacked bricks that have a monastic, pure feel.

Dubbed 'Villa E', I wonder what the 'E' stands for.  Ecstatic?  Esoteric?  Euphoric?  Evocative?  Is it wrong that something so monastic-looking is turning me on?

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