BUCHAREST / Bicycle Bar

Thanks to Bicycle Bar, you no longer have to send your old, tired bicycle to R.I.P. in a local dumpster.  That is, if you happen to be hanging out in Bucharest, Romania.  This fun, happy place in the center of the city has charged itself with the mission of recycling and reinventing old bicycles and their parts into modern and very functional furniture and design elements.  So things like: bar stools with curbed handles, wheels that become bar tops, light fixtures that look like bicycle night lights.  And now all painted in bright, happy colors like fire engine red, sky blue and sunny yellows.  And if this wasn't engouh -- the place has become a mecca for local artists & musicians  to set up workshops & exhibitions to promote contemporary art.  Too cool.

Strada Selari 2
Bucharest, Romania
4.00pm - 2.00am
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