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I saw the most amazing movie on Netflix last weekend called The White Masai.  It is based on the book written by Swiss novelist Corinne Hoffman about her real life story of falling in love with an Afrian warrior (or masai) while on holidays with her boyfriend in Kenya.  She describes the unbelievable tale about how she leaves everything -- her fiancé, her posh Swiss lifestyle, and her clothing store which she had owned for nine years -- in order to track him down in some tiny bush village in the middle of nowhere.  She literally goes there without knowing whether or not he even remembered her!  Together they start a little life and family together, living in her in-law's cow dung hut where there is no electricity or water for miles.  Clearly, the cultural differences start taking their toll and the dream slowly starts to crunble...

Even though I already know how the story ends, I have become so obsessed with it that I am determined to read the book.  I need more details!  And so naturally, it will be coming with me to the cottage.  Here is what I will be packing with me.

Silk 'wave' slip dress, BROSE / Clear cat's eye sunglasses, MERCI / Blush bow bikini, KATE SPADE / Leather tote, MERCI / Gladiator sandals, MERCI / The White Masai by CORINNE HOFFMAN

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