ROME / Kook Restaurant


''Cuccina'' (Kitchen).  ''Beviamo su'' (Let's drink).  “Matto, furioso e privo di buon senso √® chi del pasto non gode ogni senso” (Crazy, insane and devoid of any common sense is someone who eats a meal without enjoying it with all of the senses).  Such are the not-so-subtle hints written on the walls of this bewildering venue designed by Noses Architects

Everything at Kook(ie?) is designed to arose your senses and have a good time.  From the Bianchi bicycle hanging on a wall to the ancient olive tree, (protected by a glass case), the traditional recipes to the most refined, and postmodern dishes on the menu, this resto will put at least one if not more of your senses in over-drive.

Via Cassia 2040
Roma, Italy 00123

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