FRIDAY / pin up


This week's Pins were all about the glamour girls.  Timeless. Perfect.

Happy Long Weekend!

AMSTERDAM / modern treehouse


This refurbished duplex in Amsterdam, designed by MAMM Design architects, is like a modern treehouse fit for kids and adults alike.  Designed with layers of right angles, the light seems to bounce off the white walls and natural materials such as burlap, glass and medium tone woods.  The highlight is the sunken kitchen in the heart of the open concept living area. The low-hanging bar is not only whimsical -- it might just be the right height for their little tots.

HIT LIST / fringe tank by MERCI


This fringe tank top is made out of chiffon and is perfect when layered under a blazer.  Plus it is in my favorite color for Fall, navy, which goes with everything.  Check out MERCI's How To Wear Navy report here.

Joe Fringe Tank Top by MERCI, 22
100% polyester / machine washable



Sarah Jessica Parker has just released her second collection of footwear and has made it personal -- each shoe is named after a woman she admires.  Available at her shop-in-shops at Nordstroms, the SJP collection now includes boots and handbags.  Here are our favorite strappy numbers.

To see the entire collection click here.



Seattle-based designer John T Hogan designs objets made from recycled water bottles, resulting in a holographic effect that morphs in different lighting environments.

To see the full collection click here.

MOMENT OF / marble + copper


The union of two of my most favorite things: marble + copper.

DREAMING OF / pool in a pool


Evidence that you can never have too many pools.

Lacaula Island Resort, Fiji

WANT / Heritage Traveling Collection


Picnic anyone?  This Heritage Traveling Collection comes in a classic red plaid print.  It will bring out the lumberjack in you.  Arrr.

Heritage Traveling Collection by WEST ELM, $9.95 - $29.95
Lunch Box 100% Tin / Thermos and Coffee Mug Stainless Steel

OBSESSED / Metallic Sweatshirts by MERCI


So excited about these metallic sweatshirts available on MERCI in four perfect colors.  Yes please!!

PHIL Metallic Sweatshirt by MERCI, €42
cotton blend / lurex coating

COSTA SMERALDA / Petra Segreta Hotel


This quiet little resort & spa located on top of the Buddeo valley on the island of Sardinia, Italy, brings together everything you would dream of for your summer vacation: warm stucco walls, proximity to quiet beaches with crystal blue water, a 5-Star gastronomic restaurant, oodles of wine, and never-ending views of the Gulf of Arzachena and the islands of Maddalena, Caprera and Corsica.  Aptly named the Segreta (secret), this is the perfect spot to  shut it all down and cut yourself off and to not be found.

Strada di Buddeo cp 130
San Pantaleo, Olbia
+39 0789/1876441

Gulf of Arzachena, the Island of Caprera, the Island of Maddalena , and Corsica. - See more at:
Gulf of Arzachena, the Island of Caprera, the Island of Maddalena , and Corsica. - See more at:
Gulf of Arzachena, the Island of Caprera, the Island of Maddalena , and Corsica. - See more at:

WANT / Jimmy Choo Toronto Purse


Jimmy Choo just opened its first Canadian flagship store in Toronto at the Yorkdale mall.  For the inauguration, the designer created a limited edition of its Candy clutch with a replica of Toronto's TTC map, only the stop names have been replaced by a mixture of gems, animals and fashion accessories (''Diamond'', ''Candy'' and ''Biker'' are some new such names).  But hurry up - of the mere 20 that were produced, already a dozen have been snatched up at the whopping price of $1,095.

MOMENT OF / bat sh*t crazy


I always thought Bat Girl would be a red wine drinker.  Hey maybe it was a slow night. What.

SS15 / Sneak Peak


Just wrapped up another amazing shoot yesterday!  Had to share some of the goodies....  Photos courtesy of Justin Steepe.


DREAMING OF / this nap bed


Who says nap time should only be for toddlers?  Granted, the tatami-height mattress and lack of potentially suffocating sheets & accessories could make this an ideal toddler nap spot.  But that lack of separation to the outside world means that this is an adult-only situation for for toddler-minded folk.  Like moi.

OBSESSED / Maison Margiela Vintage Collar


K, this might be something that I will add to my survivor pack.  I mean, a plastic collar shield might come in handy when those pesky vampires try to sink their fangs into you neck, right?

8.5”/21.5cm length / Circa: 80s

WANT / Loeffler Randall Cutout Silver Oxfords


A little while ago (well not so little, actually), we posted something about Loeffler Randall's Fall 12 silver mirror oxfords.  This post is probably one of our most popular of all time!  And why wouldn't it be -- those shoes are amazing!  Well good news: Loeffler Randall has just come out with a hip new update their silver oxfords with sleek, slim cutouts!  You know, for those hipsters who never wear socks.  This could really work.

Silver Cutout Oxfords by LOEFFLER RANDALL, $350
silver mirrored leather. .25" / 5mm heel / welted leather sole