SYDNEY / Donny's Bar


Hmmm...  To list all of the things that I love about this new bar located in one of Sydney's trendy areas, "Manly," would be time-consuming.  Well, here's a start: dim lighting, grandpa leather wing backs, wide planks of wood, black stuff, copper surfaces, and vaulted cathedral-style ceilings. Oh yes and: concrete floors, beaten-down (real) brick walls,  exposed piping, lots of wine, and "Blueberry n Rose" plymouth gin.  Oooh, and the name: apparently "Donny" signifies (in Asian?) to be the perfect environment for a social gathering.  As such, the menu is a fusion of Asian & hipster and includes such items as BBQ pork dumplings and prawn Gar-gee tapas.  Plus, it is located in a place called "Manly" (did I already mention that?).  'Nuff said.

Donny's Bar & Restaurant
7 Market Lane
Manly, NSW 2095

Tel: (02) 9977-1887

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