TOP TEN / Fashion Moments 2014

After a few (or several) tough seasons in the industry, 2014 marked the start of an emerging optimism in fashion.  After years of black and leather and black leather, finally a lighter and mood has come out of the wood works.  We started to see things like color, full skirts and -- my favorite - white appearing on the catwalks and the red carpet.  Here are my favorite 10 fashion moments of this year.

#10 - Fashion Blogger in Paris
I love this maxi tutu, and I love how she is playing it up.  So un-French.

#9 - Brazil Fashion Week
I was so honored to be invited to sit front row this year at Brazil Fashion Week.  So much talent.  So much beading.  Truly inspiring.

#8 - Kenall Jenner's Blue Suit 
Look at those legs! 

#7 - Jared Leto at the Oscars
He is always doing something different.  The Jesus Christ hair do with retro white tux jacket is a classic.

#6 - New York Fashion Week, Street Style
How refreshing to see color on the streets of New York - especially during fashion week.  And I always like seeing hats with ears.

#5 - Missoni, Spring 2015
I really found that they reinvented their signature 60's zigzag stripes this season in light chiffons and a fresh color palette.  Plus there were those yummy lips.

#4 - Blake Lively, wearing Chanel at the Cannes Film Festival
The woman is a stunner, but especially in this frosty Chanel Couture gown.  And with those loose toussles of hair.  Yes.

#3 - Chanel Fall 2014 Supermarket Show
Karl never disappoints.  This star-studded show goes down in history.  Not only for the kitschy use of a supermarket, but also because all of the editors tried to steal everything after the show (toilet paper, cheese, etc) -- and got busted.

#2 - Lupita Nyongo, wearing Prada at the Oscars 
Even though I was not impressed with her comment, "I designed this dress with the help of Prada" (WTF?), this is still one of my most favorite red carpet looks, ever.

#1 - Rihanna's Boobs, Paris Fashion Week
Rihanna was all over the Paris Fashion Week, having attended the most A list shows like Balmain, Dior, Lanvin McCartney... and always, her boobs were there along for moral support.  This pic was taken at one of the after-parties.