LONDON / Women Fashion Power


Once upon a time, Hilary Clinton responded to a journalist when asked about her fashion preferences with, 'Would you ask me this question if I were a man?'  Now on at the London Design Museum, Women Fashion Power (subtitled, 'Not a Multiple Choice'), aims to unpack the many layers of this discussion by exhibiting the various looks that have helped to shape the identities of strong women over the ages... going as far back as - you guessed it -  Eve and her little leaf.

The show stays true to its name, documenting some iconic looks of prominent women from the singer Skin to Parisian mayor Anne Hidalgo, from Jane Fonda to Twiggy, and from art curator Julia Peyton-Jones to architect Zada Hadid.  It culminates in a room at the end titled 'Women and Power' displaying 26 contemporary women and their fashion choices.

Women Fashion Power, until April 26th 2015
London Design Museum
Shad Thames, London SE1 sYD
(44) 207 403 6399

DREAMING OF / stars in my hair



Simple and elegant, Anthropologie's gold tone stainless steel flatware set can be festive or for every day use.

Set of 6, $98

OBSESSED / croissant clutch by CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA


This gold metal clutch by CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA is genius.  Not only does it mix two things that I love -- glamor and Paris -- it forces you to pare down the things you normally lug around with you all night.

Originally $1,695 (Sold Out)

VID HEAD / dog vs pumpkin

GOOD IDEA / engagement ring


Whoever designed this ring might be onto something.



Who knew that a bunch of string, staples and monofilaments could culminate in such dreamy artwork?  Maggie Casey has created several installations suspending string and other materials to create what appear to be floating sketch-like drawings suspended in air.  My favorite are the suspended chairs made of mohair and string.

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If you love eggs as much as I do (and yes, I do eat the yolk!), then you will rejoice as much as I did when I discovered these crown shaped egg cups by THECOOLHUNTER.  Inspired by King Henry VIII of England, “Henry” The Egg Cup comes as a set of two.  Note to the designer: can the next set be a Queen & King of Scotts?

Henry The Egg Cup, $60 (set of 2)
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SAMPLE SALE / Toronto Ex


Don't miss out!  4 Days Only!

BROSE + 40 Designers

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BAMBINI / tulip + i


My go-to baby collection for expecting mothers is always Toronto-based tuliP+i.  Linen obsessed designer Natalie Adamov has just come out with a new look book that is so adorable, it almost makes me want to have children.  On bébé basics made of natural eco-dyed linens and sustainable materials you will find fun expressions in Italian that are mostly children's lulla-byes.  Beautiful and educational.  Every parent's dream.

ART / Frieze London


Frieze London is an art event showcasing some of today's most talented contemporary artists and is happening right now.  One exhibition which caught my eye was a kind of rubix cube installation by Berlin-based Angela Bulloch.  A sculpture of flashing ‘pixel boxes’ lights in the Mayfair showroom of Rolls-Royce was a one-off piece for Bulloch, inspired by, she says, the technology and quality of leatherwork and veneers that go into the making of all their cars.

OBSESSED / rectangle mini purse by BUILDING BLOCK


Up-and-comer BUILDING BLOCK has a killer shoulder bag for fall.  Shaped like a mini box handle-bag from the 50's, this purse is Hitchcock-vixen-revisited.  I need it.

Structure Box bag y BUILDING BLOCK, $460 

SOLID GOLD: hand chiselled ring set


As a long-time lover of anything gold, I nearly freaked out when I saw this fantastic set of 5 hand-chiselled rings.  100% recycled and made in the USA (South Carolina, to be exact), these items of beauty have a soft satin finish on the outside while the inside is a shiny high polish. The facets catch and reflect light giving the rings a lovely organic sparkle.

14k gold Chiseled Ring Set - Made to Order - $1,570


LOVE / gold feather hair clip

FRIDAY / pin up


A round up of this week's favorite Pins.  It's Friday!  Happy Weekend!

MOMENT OF / pastel lips

MOMENT OF / bow eye liner


A fantastic eye-dea, from our friends at Valentino.

PARIS / Le Pavillon des Canaux


Everyone's talking about Paris new hot-spot Le Pavillon des Canaux.  Located along the trendy Canal St Martin in the 19th, this house has been transformed into a bohemian hang out by street artists Supakitch and Alex One.  Patrons can enjoy each room with its own vibe, or chill out on the terrace and watch the sun sparkle on the canal as you sip your apéro and people watch.

Note: the Pavillon is currently undergoing renovations and will reopen in early 2015

Le Pavillon des Canaux
30 quai de Loire
75019 Paris
La Villette, 19ème