MOROCCO / the Dar Ahlam


This 19th-century Kasbah in the middle of of the Moroccan desert is something out of a fairy tale.  The creation of a Parisian party planner, Dar Ahlam (or 'House of Dreams) is as luxurious as lodgings get.  Traveling down a long, winding dusty road from the Atlas Mountains into the Sahara desert is a good way strike up an appetite, and before you know it suddenly there it appears - as if by magic - a meal for two, beneath a canopy of silk.  You won’t see much of the staff, but the subtlety of their theater says it all.

Dar Ahlam
Douar Oulad Chikh Ali 
Casbah El Madihi, Ouarzazate 45500
$1,600 / night and up

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