PARIS / Hotel Particulier Montmartre


Located in upper Montmartre, the Hotel Particulier is an historic house that was converted into a boutique hotel a few years ago and is surrounded by lush gardens and such quietude, you would hardly know you were in the middle of Paris.  With grounds upkept by renowned jardiniste of Les Tuileries, Louis Benech, and a family-run staff with a familial hospitality, a stay at this Hotel might be the equivalent of living in a private maison in the 19th century.

23, avenue Junot, Pavillon D
75018 Paris
+ 33 (0)1 53 41 81 40
390+ / night

NEED / maple wood bottle stopper


These contemporary faceted geometric walnut wood wine bottle stoppers made by BrightonExchange are reusable and hand made so that no two stoppers are the same.  Ideally used for rebottling water, I would probably use it for my second source of water: wine.

BOTTLE STOPPERS by Brigthon Exchange
2" x 1" / comes in 2 colors
Available here

ART / cosmic eggs in LA MONDA


“Cósmica y Sus Huevos” is a editorial project developed by Daniel Aristizábal for La Monda, a Spanish fashion & design publication.  According to Aristizábal, many ancient cultures believed that all life began from a cosmic egg.   While this theory still doesn't close 'The Chicken vs The Egg' debate, I do appreciate Aristizábal's optimistic and graphic interpretation of such a sin-free universe-creation hypothesis.

 See more here.

BRIDESMAID GIFT / ampersand bracelet


Here is a cute way to show your faithful bridesmaids how you'll be besties forever.  Hand forged with your choice of sterling silver, rose gold filled, or gold filled, the ampersand bracelet by Alana Little is made to order out of her California studio.

Available on Etsy

WANT / sparkly poop pills


Worried about the color of your poop?  Worry no more.  These sparkly pills by GlitterPills -- although apparently not condoning their oral consumption -- are getting a lot of buzz lately for the decorative effects they are having on, well, your stools.  Get them as a multi-color 10 pack, or just as solid gold. Lucky thing they are toxic-free.

Available on Etsy
$6.50 / 10 pack

NOSEY / Slim Aarons @ LEICA SOHO


My first job ever was at the Leica head office in Heerbrugg, Switzerland when I was only 15 years old.  My father was the CEO (now retired), and thought it would be a good introduction into the business world.  I had to speak Swiss German with braces and gangly pubescent legs and work with people at least 10 years my senior.  It was freaking hard.

It was only about 10 years later that I was introduced to Slim Aarons photography while a designer at Toronto based Pink Tartan.  A new exhibition puts the famed photographer’s work on display at SoHo’s downtown Leica store in New York and offers photo enthusiasts a chance to learn his particular methodology. Runs through June 30th. 

It's funny how sometimes worlds collide.

460 W Broadway
New York, NY
(212) 475-7799

MOMENT OF / prada drugs


I swear this is what they served in the coffee when I worked at Prada's head office.  How else did they have such good control over the company's organization, work flow and employee performance?  I mean, they had it down pact.  There was a rule for everything: how many sandwiches you could order for clients daily; how to tuck in the chair under the table; restricted cell phone usage areas; how cute those boy waiters looked in their little Prada uniforms.  They were masters of their own universe - surely drugs were involved?

Man, I miss working there.

(Photo courtesy of Plastik Magazine)

LOVE / clay words by RAE DUNN


San Francisco based Rae Dunn creates simple yet cheeky ceramic home decor pieces with words.  Influenced by the Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi, each piece is hand made so that no two pieces are alike.  Oh, I also love that she has a doggy mascot.

View the entire collection here


FATHERS DAY / gift idea


Ok.  I am a major Monty Pythonite.  So is my Dad.  This watch is perfect.  Only maybe not for him (because he has been wearing his Movado for the last 40 years)... but maybe for someone else?  Me?

Available here


LOVE / porcelain by BEAN & BAILEY


Bean and Bailey ceramics is a Tennessee duo producing small-batch porcelain objets.  Colored porcelain is molded into subtly organic forms, as well as faceted vessels inspired by natural crystals and gems. Their pieces are non-toxic, dishwasher and microwave safe.

View the entire collection: BEANANDBAILEYCERAMICS.COM


MOMENT OF / modern rococo

PRAGUE / sweet modern apt


In the heart of Prague, this sweet modern apartment designed by Anton Medvedev combines industrial touches with soft, luxurious materials.  The white-washed surfaces let the light bounce throughout the open space studio made of exposed bricks, crown molding and wide plank flooring.  Krásný.

For more info: