PARIS / afforable lobster at LES PINCES


A group of restaurateurs have opened an affordable lobster joint in the Marais.  Combining the decadence of  Parisian seafood with more familial lobster restaurants from the Northeast, USA, friends Damien Borjesson, Remy Bougenaux, Vivien Mathieu, and Louis Kerveillant opened Les Pinces, a place where you can find sumptuous, fresh lobster served by a bilingual staff.  The concept is simple: for 25 Euros, you have the choice of three plats -- 1) a one-pound broiled lobster, 2) a lobster roll, or 3) a steak. Each dish comes accompanied with a house salad, homemade fries, and creamy herb mayonnaise.  Pinch me, please.

Les Pinces
29 Rue du Bourg Tibourg
Paris 75004
+33 (0)9 83 56 47 93


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