LOVE / lip shaped sofa by MISSANA


Spanish based design company MISSANA produces retro-inspired furniture in a timeless, modern fashion.  This cosmetic pink sofa reminds me of a pair of lips puckering up for a quiet evening watching old movies.

Creu Roja 1, Bloque A, Planta 1
Office & Showroom 24
46014, Xirivella, Valencia, Spain
+34 606 926 335 

NEED / white & matte gold CUTLERY SET


A luxury 24 piece cutlery set with sleek resin handles.  Produced in Portugal, this set contains six knives, six forks, six spoons & six tea spoons that are made from stainless steel with a chic matte white gold finish.


NYC / Chelsea Loft


With soaring 12" ceilings and over 20 windows, this eclectic 2,000+ sqft loft in New York's Chelsea is an affordable way for 6 people to stay comfortably and in style.  Situated centrally near Madison Square Park and Penn Station and just a few blocks from Herald Square, it's also just a few blocks from the hip Nomad 'hood where you can pop by at the Ace for a coffee, the Breslin for some great food or head for a walk through Eataly. 

$950+ / night
Sleeps 6 


MOMENT OF / gold boogey woogey

PARIS / Cinque Stelle Apart


This bright apartment in the heart of the Marais, just off of rue des Archives, feels more like a spacious Manhattan abode with all of the bells and whistles.  With more than 100 m² (that's about 1,100 sqft), the Cineque Stelle comfortably accommodates 4 people with two very private bedrooms and their en suites.

504€ / night

MOMENT OF / Paris Sous Water

WANT / Alphabet Cups


Smooth crystal tumblers inlaid with a gold vinyl letter or symbol, backed with one of eight different coloured lacquers and a topcoat of glossy varnish. 

10.5cm x 8cm

VINTAGE / Bin Laden on Vacation, 1970


Here is Osama bin Laden on vacation with his family, Sweden, 1970. 

That year 23 members of the wealthy Bin Laden family visited Falun while one of the elder brothers conducted business with Volvo. Osama is remembered from the occasion as a quiet and reserved boy who at 16 didn't really stand out from the crowd.

I guess even terrorists need to take a break now and then.

PINNED / La Vie En Rose

XMAS TREE Alternative

LONDON / Clapton Warehouse Loft


Authentic lofts are had to come by these days, especially in Toronto.  However in London there still appears to be an inventory of old warehouses aching to be transformed. The architects of Sadie Snelson Architects recently overhauled an old warehouse in East London into an warm yet modern live-work space for photographers by removing nearly all of the original walls and installing new critall style windows to allow the sun to poor in.


PARIS / Brasserie Barbès


When I think of the Barbès area in the top of the 18th arrondissement of Paris, images of a scruffy neighbourhood with a lot of dark nooks & crannies, a very 'low'-street selection of discount stores such as Tatti et. al., and subway station that inspires you to carry mase -- these are what first come to my mind.  But now with the opening of a light, airy brasserie donning the district's name, Brasserie Barbès is the new it-spot with a lineup and trendy staff to boot. 

In the location of the former Vano discount shop and just across the street from the Louxor cinema, an Art Deco masterpiece, the new venue also comes with its own Art Deco swing, glam brass lighting fixtures, and 4 floors -- one of which is an open-ceiling terrace style sun room.

Brasserie Barbès
2 Boulevard Barbès
Paris 75018 

LOVE / star necklace by ARGENTON


If you are going to have star power, may as well make it double.  This sterling silver and 9ct rose gold double star pendants hang on a sterling silver cable chain, designed by ARGENTON from Australia.

Available on