PARIS / La Buvette


Camille Fourmont, owner of the gastro-thèque La Buvette, used to work at Le Chateaubriand and Le Dauphin and has brought her wine connaissance along with her.  White tiled walls with shallow wooden shelves are lined with bottles of mostly natural wines, with the prices clearly written on them (add €8 for corkage).  Written on a mirror is the petit menu des plats ranging from €3 – €12 and includes things like olives, cheese, sausages, green beans, and ricotta with quince jam and hazelnut oil. 

La Buvette
67, rue Saint-Maur

75011 Paris
+33 (0)9 83 56 94 11

CUCU / la


CUCULA -- a West African word for connection and working together -- is an association, a workshop and an educational program focusing on affordable design by supporting refugees to build their future.  Cucula designs, manufactures, produces and sells premium design objects.  A German-based project with wings.

BERLIN / a Jewish Deli


Last time I counted, there weren't that many Jewish (anything) left in Berlin.  Well, now my count has gone up by at least one. LOIUIS PRETTY, brainchild of gastronomic trio Oskar Melzer, James Ardinast and David Ardinast, is (appropriately) inspired by 1930's New York.  But what's different about this Jewish Deli is its Jewish-American deli cuisine: not kosher, but still referencing traditional recipes. 


PARIS / Doughnuts... pourquoi pas?


The land of delicate pastries, cheese and vin has officially opened a doughnut shop.  Well, at least conceptually.  Brooklyn-born Alex Roberts is planning on opening up a patisserie filled with her home-spun favorites.  That is, if her kick-starter campaign gives her the financial legs to run with.  Doughmade is the name.  Watch out for it.


? / Party Feet

LOVE / clear glasses by OLIVER PEOPLES

INSPO / Bridal Pastels

MAISON / smart bulbs by NANOLEAF


Now even light bulbs can be smart.  These bulbs designed by NANOLEAF are not only energy efficient -- they are so smart, they can intuitively set the lighting according to your mood.  Through voice-activation -- just say the word: snuggle?  nap-time? -- and snap, the bulb adjusts itself to suit the mood.   Their origami construction makes them extra cool.

Smart Ivy Set by NANOLEAF
L 2.55” W 2.70” H 4.40” 
Available at


NEED / metallic pouch by VERONIQUE


Austria-based label VERONIQUE creates unique, hand crafted pieces that are perfect for any monochrome look. This space-age metallic clutch perfectly fits a Macbook Pro and is lined with a plush white felt.

Metallic Clutch by VERONIQUE
L 14.20” W 9.70” H 0.40”
Available at


PARIS / Hotel de Sèze


Near the Opéra and Palais Royal in the 'Madeleine' district, this little nugget of a hotel is small but packed with personality.  Hotel de Sèze offer four room types, each one designed in a completely unique and bold way with the use of textures, prints and bold colors.  With prices ranging from 134 - 225 Euros, this might just be the most affordable and stylish hotel in the area.

Hôtel de Sèze
16 rue de Sèze - 75009 Paris
Tél. +33(0) 1 47 42 69 12