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As a somewhat self proclaimed seasoned traveler, I am generally happy when my luggage takes me from A to B, and is always there waiting for me at luggage claim -- in tact and pretty.  But even for the most seasoned of travelers, it's always nice when things can be simplified, even if just a little.  

Here to help is RADEN, a newly born company out of New York making big promises, and delivering on them too.  These hard-shelled, high tech luggage pieces will keep you from overpacking, charge your phone, alert you to traffic on the way to the airport and weather conditions on the area.  It will also track your bag's location using Bluetooth technology, so you can know once you’ve landed that it made the trip with you.

295 for the 22”  |  $395 for the 28”  |  $595 for the set
More info here: raden.com

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