NOVA SCOTIA / The Quarter Deck


On the southern east coast of Nova Scotia there is a place called Summerville, known -- as its name might suggest -- for its endless beaches, crystal blue waters and that easy-going East Coast vibe. Opened in 1928 as a road side canteen, The Quarter Deck Beachside Villas and Grill soon built a string of cottages and a modest diner along this most breathtaking of coastal beaches.  Over the decades, the QD changed ownership many times however managed to build a strong following of locals and 'out-of-towners' alike who came to rely on their home-cooked family style establishment.

A year ago, things took a somewhat dramatic change.  The Whynot family, heralding from Kentville on the eastern cost of the province (aka 'the other side'), reportedly won the lottery and decided to purchase the QD to completely revamp it.  Well, this they have done.  In spades.  

The QD -- as the locals once knew it -- is no more.  In its place they have rebuilt a modern Scandi-style structure with greyed wood paneling and a corrugated tin roof.  Designed by Nicholas Fudge Architects of Halifax, the interior is a bright white with accents from all colors of the rainbow (a clever move, since this neck of the woods is very LGTB friendly), and nods to their past with d├ęco elements such as lobster traps, surf boards, and fishing ropes, and so many windows you practically feel like you are sitting outside no matter where you are in the restaurant.

The new dinner menu includes many sea-faring items we have come to expect such as scallops, lobster and haddock.  The cottages have also undergone a noticeable update.  Guests can stay in either a compact 1-room cottage, or a 2-story cottage-villa.  All are directly accessible to the Summerville Beach are are equipped with a full kitchen, fireplace, outdoor BBQ, and a large deck.

$199 - $399 / night

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