PARIS / Le Charbon


It's not every day that I fall in love with a new café in Paris.  But the moment that I walked up to Le Charbon about a week ago, I knew it would be my new amour.  Located right in the middle of Oberkampf -- Paris' hipster, bustling, Adidas-wearing, rolled up skinny jeans, midi skirts, oversized Trench area -- this café ironcially dates back to the Second Empire (when Napoleon III was still kicking around).  Le Charbon has all of the fixins of Paris cafés past: red velvet banquettes, a shiny bar, tarnished mirrors, and garçons with an attitude.  And yet it is full of young people who will chat the night away over a glass, or two.

109 Rue Oberkampf
75011 Paris
+33 1 43 57 55 13
Open Every Day 

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