A kind of historic hunting house style dating back to the Napoleon III days, Le Pavillon Puebla has for centuries hosted private events and weddings on one of the hillsides of the dramatic Parc des Buttes Chaumont.  Until recently it was run by an Italian who struggled to maintain a steady clientelle, when the Mairie de Paris intervened and allowed a four-some of guys -- known for drawing Parisians to boîtes that are perched up high, such as Le Perchoir and La Passarelle à Boulogne -- to take over and make their magic.

Le Pavillon Puebla has two different terraces with an eclectic mix of lounge beds, Moroccan chairs, and tables made of pallets (this is also everywhere now in Paris).   The feeling was very <laisser faire> as, immediately upon climbing the stairs, you are informed that if you want to drink or eat, you will need to traipse through the interior of mismatched furniture, game tables and dusty coat checks in order to arrive to another outside bar where someone will eventually acknowledge and serve you. I mean this in the nicest possible way, because it made us instantly feel like we were just hanging out at someone's home.  The sun and the little wee toddlers running all around in every direction also contributed to this 'in the family' feeling.  You just want to hang out and never leave.

Pavillon Puebla 
Parc des Buttes-Chaumont
Entrée face au 43, av. Simon-Bolivar
Wed -Sat, 4pm-2am; Sun, 2pm-2am
Paris 75019 - FRANCE
Tél.: 01 42 02 22 45.

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