PARIS / Les Idiots


The Oberkampf - Menilmontant area in Paris' 11th arrondissement is for sure up-and-coming.  Remnants of the past (old barber shops, cobblers, and seamstresses) mingle with the new vigils of hipster-dom (dive bars, vintage shops, and ethnic grocery stores) producing an energy that is at once inspiring as it is unbalanced.  One small but important contribution to this vibe is Les Idiots.  Not immediately noticeable (indeed, it took us a full 5 weeks to finally stop there, even though it was just 1.5 blocks from our apartment and on a street that we passed everyday), we fell hard and fast for this boîte.  In fact, the minute we entered this small bizzarro world, we had wished that we had done so sooner.

Les Idiots, not surprisingly, doesn't take itself too seriously: faux-Renaissance head busts, a disheveled shelf containing files and papers, vintage photographs of women in full piece suits, and a stark medley of mid-century furniture, doesn't exactly spell "I give a sh*t what you think about me."  But the cherry on the cake was Armand, the bar-tend, who joyously insisted that he scoop us a €3 glass of one of their two house 'cocktail mixes' (read: jungle juices), which are presented in giant jugs.  We much obliged, of course.

Les Idiots
115 boulevard de Ménilmontant
75011 Paris, France
5pm - 2am, Daily




Remember those multi-color Vuitton bags with pandas and flowers from a few years back?  A year after the announcement by Louis Vuitton they they have ended its relationship with the renowned master-mind behind them, Takahashi Murakami, the Japan-born artist has just opened a jaw dropping exhibit at Galerie Perrotin in the Marais, Paris.  The pieces are a bold reminder of his signature manga, Japanese pop-culture style, yet this time Murakami has introduced the element of paint (all be it in the form of spray), gold & silver metallics, a nod to Zen, as well as neon outlines of skulls and happy flowers that give the illusion of embroidery.  There is also a small capsule collection of totes made of hand painted canvas Murakami has discarded over the last 20 years.

Pieces range in price from $50,000 to $3,000,000.  So if that's feeling a little steep, you can purchase one of his totes or tees for €24.17 and  €38.38, respectively, on the gallery's website.

Learning the Magic of Painting by TAKASHI MURAKAMI
September 10 - December 23, 2016
Galerie Perrotin
76 rue de Turenne
750011 Paris 



The Karl collection nearly came to an end a few years ago when he announced he would stop producing it.  But the editors got up in arms and luckily, he decided to continue.  I want almost everything in the Karl Lagerfeld store in the Marais on rue Vieille du Temple. The cell phone case.  The furry clutches.  The rose gold watches.  Anything with his silhouette on it.  It's all so good.  But my favorite is the quilted cross body mini bag.

Quilted Cross Body Mini
13 cm x 18 cm
€ 295 
Available at



London based MARIEYAT creates pieces that seamlessly blur the lines between intimates and apparel.  Combining cottons and silks with athletic touches, unusual cuts, and sexy accessories like garter belts and knee high socks, the collection is ethically produced in the designer's home town, Hong Kong.

Available at

PARIS / Café St Régis


A trip to Paris is never the same without a wine or two at the Café St Régis.  Located on the tip of the Ile Saint Louis on a 5-way corner which is prime for people watching, le CSR is a classic favorite for both locals & tourists.  In the afternoon, the terrace lights up with a warm Parisian sun shine that glistens off of the beautiful 17th century surrounding architecture.  Come evening, you'll want to head inside to cuddle up in one of their banquettes and soak up the elegant interior that marries art nouveau with modern-industrialism.  To boot, the food is amazing -- make sure you try their soupe à l'onion, the burrata and tomato salad, or the carbonara pasta.

Café St Régis
6 Rue Jean du Bellay
75004 Paris, France

MOMENT OF / bronze

ART / retrospective SACHA GOLDBERGER


At the Gare d'Austerlitz is a jaw-dropping exhibition of some of the work by Dutch photographer, Sacha Goldberger, has done for the station over the years.  The collection of 10 ft high portraits displays our favorite super heroes posing ominously, as brought to life by their respective celebrities: Christopher Reeves as Superman, Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern, Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, etc.  Goldberger has rendered hyper-realist paintings of these super giant heroes typical of 16th century Dutch period.  Originally hanging inside the train station, the paintings now hang on the exterior walls while the station undergoes a major renovation.

Gare d'Austerlitz
85 Quai d'Austerlitz
75013 Paris



Located in what was once a pawnshop in 1777, Le Dôme du Marais is an elegant nook in the center of the bustling street of Rue des Francs Bourgeois.  A dark hallway filled with eccentric curiosities leads you from the street to an intimate dining room garnished with an eclectic mix of vintage and antiques furniture, and then through to its pièce de résistance -- a circular room bedecked in long black communal tables and capped by a majestic gilt dome.  

Le DDM is open for either lunch and dinner and offers a Sunday brunch.  Expect traditional French fare with a modern twist: confit of carrot, homemade truffle pizza, and sea bream carpaccio, to name but a few.

Le Dôme du Marais
Bis 53 Rue des Francs Bourgeois

75004 Paris, France
+33 1 42 74 54 17 




In early September, 2016, a young makeup artist and YouTuber, James Charles, shared his 'flawless ' senior high school photos on Twitter.  Nearly 100k likes and 40k retweets later, this 17 year-old is going to experience another viral moment with yesterday's announcement by CoverGirl that he will be their first ever male spokesperson.  James will start out as the face of the brand’s latest mascara launch "So Lashy!" and will appear in print, television and digital ads both with Katy Perry and by himself.



PARIS FASHION WEEK / 3 New Designers I Discovered


Paris SS/17 Fashion Week is now over (yay!).  I was blown away by the sheer variety of creativity that's happening right now -- so many prints, new technology, colors, and embroidery.  There was also quite the dichotomy between what was going down the runways, and then what was being offered at the salons.  There is a bridge there that needs to be gapped... but that's a conversation for another time.

Here are 3 designers that I discovered while attending various shows.  Some of them are 'newer' than the others -- however they were all new to me and was so excited to have discovered them.

1. Andy Ho - Hong Kong
I met Andy at his booth and instantly thought he was très très adorable.  As soon as I started pawing at his mega tutus (think of a tutu on steroids, and then sprinkled with sparkly hearts and confetti), he immediately came up to me and said "hello!"  His collection centers around birds, whether it be actual feathers or prints with birds of all feathers flocking together.  Even though this was only his second season, look for Andy Ho's pieces next spring in places like Russia, London, Tokyo and New York.

2. Judari - Moscow
Judari has been around since 2006 and has an established presence in some of the best boutiques throughout Europe & Russia (+ one in Canada, too).  What I loved about this line is its simplicity.  Yes, the designs are not by any means simple -- over-the-top might be a better word -- however designer Dari has taken the sneaker and gone to town with it, using crystals, large florals, raffia, pearls, beads, roping and lace in unique combinations.

3. Alessandro Enriquez - Milan
A fashion contributor to, this was his first foray into design with a capsule collection of quirky handbags drawing from his memories and heritage.  The common thread throughout this collection of stand-alone items was a small 1950's golden bracelet given to him by his grand-mother. The collection using strong color combinations, laser-cut leather, prints and embroideries.




Chanel's SS/17 "This is technology" collection is fresh off the runway and took its technology theme all the way, and then some.  Chanel robots, a data center as the backdrop, twinkling LED tweeds, plastic mits -- all synch'ed harmoniously together in this highly visual show.  But what I am totally obsessed with is the collection of LED handbags.  Click here to see them in the flesh.



Inexplicably, Tatler posted this adorbs video of 21 pug puppies milling around some £200k worth of dazzling couture dresses.  Let's hope they were potty trained?