PARIS / Café St Régis

A trip to Paris is never the same without a wine or two at the Café St Régis.  Located on the tip of the Ile Saint Louis on a 5-way corner which is prime for people watching, le CSR is a classic favorite for both locals & tourists.  In the afternoon, the terrace lights up with a warm Parisian sun shine that glistens off of the beautiful 17th century surrounding architecture.  Come evening, you'll want to head inside to cuddle up in one of their banquettes and soak up the elegant interior that marries art nouveau with modern-industrialism.  To boot, the food is amazing -- make sure you try their soupe à l'onion, the burrata and tomato salad, or the carbonara pasta.

Café St Régis
6 Rue Jean du Bellay
75004 Paris, France

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