PARIS FASHION WEEK / 3 New Designers I Discovered


Paris SS/17 Fashion Week is now over (yay!).  I was blown away by the sheer variety of creativity that's happening right now -- so many prints, new technology, colors, and embroidery.  There was also quite the dichotomy between what was going down the runways, and then what was being offered at the salons.  There is a bridge there that needs to be gapped... but that's a conversation for another time.

Here are 3 designers that I discovered while attending various shows.  Some of them are 'newer' than the others -- however they were all new to me and was so excited to have discovered them.

1. Andy Ho - Hong Kong
I met Andy at his booth and instantly thought he was très très adorable.  As soon as I started pawing at his mega tutus (think of a tutu on steroids, and then sprinkled with sparkly hearts and confetti), he immediately came up to me and said "hello!"  His collection centers around birds, whether it be actual feathers or prints with birds of all feathers flocking together.  Even though this was only his second season, look for Andy Ho's pieces next spring in places like Russia, London, Tokyo and New York.

2. Judari - Moscow
Judari has been around since 2006 and has an established presence in some of the best boutiques throughout Europe & Russia (+ one in Canada, too).  What I loved about this line is its simplicity.  Yes, the designs are not by any means simple -- over-the-top might be a better word -- however designer Dari has taken the sneaker and gone to town with it, using crystals, large florals, raffia, pearls, beads, roping and lace in unique combinations.

3. Alessandro Enriquez - Milan
A fashion contributor to, this was his first foray into design with a capsule collection of quirky handbags drawing from his memories and heritage.  The common thread throughout this collection of stand-alone items was a small 1950's golden bracelet given to him by his grand-mother. The collection using strong color combinations, laser-cut leather, prints and embroideries.

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