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There are far too many places to eat in Lisbon, and eat well at that.  It makes it truly difficult to discern and commit to a restaurant, on a daily basis, because even though you know you will eat well -- the possibility of eating even better always gets to you.  One afternoon we were bitten by this bug in the area known as "Restaurados" which we took, initially, to come from 'restoration' given the abundance of antique stores in this area.  After some of the research I undertook to write this post, I learned that it actually comes from the nearby Restaurados Square which was built in 1640 when Portugal was able to 'restore' its independence from Portugal. 

(NOTE: I realize it might seem silly that I had to do research in order to make an association between the nearby square and this area's name.  It is simply because most people couldn't really name the area properly, and that even once they did suggest it was the Restaurados area, they weren't sure of the name's origin.  Lisbon is very secretive.  Shhhhh.)

This little-but-big restaurant nestled quietly on the quiet street of Largo da Anunciada is a pleasant surprise.  With vibrant floor tiles, an eclectic mix of chairs & tables, painted plates on the wall, and several different rooms where you can hang out, you instantly feel as if you were at home at your friend's house who has this amazing taste that you can not define.  But the best part is the food.  The menu is very creative -- duck breast salad, octopus tartar, and duck breast sliders -- and the wine selection perfect, which we sampled on their simple yet elegant terrace.  Obrigado.

Champanheria Do Largo
Largo da Annunciado, 20
Lisbon 1150-321
+ 213 470 392

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