LISBON / Este Bar Café

Since this was literally the first bar that we visited a mere hour or two after landing in Lisbon, I may have a bit of an 'imprinting' bias when it comes to Este.  Or maybe it's because it reminds us of one of our nostalgic, all-time faves from our old Ossington 'hood, The Communist Daughter.  Or maybe it also reminds us of our recent find in Paris, Les Idiots.

Run by Hungary-born Zoltán, this teeny tiny bar in the heart of the 'Fado' district, Alfama, has a big heart.  With Zoltán tending bar, and a bevvy of patrons stemming from all parts of the world, there is never a dull moment -- expect to discuss anything from politics to social media and to really awful wines.

The interior is very living-room-like with a mixture of stools, chairs, tables and 'curiosities.  And when all of the mismatched chairs are bum-occupied, patrons easily spill onto the street & sidewalk, lounging on rugs or huddled in doorways, while they sip their drinks and break out into songs.

Rua dos Remédios 182

Lisbon 1100452
8pm - 2am, Wed-Sun
 + 915 265 012

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