LISBON / Solar do Castelo Hotel


We quite literally stumbled upon this heritage hotel in the center of Lisbon's historic Castelo district while, go figure, we were aimlessly wandering around the grounds of the majestic Castelo, which are adjacent to this very special boutique hotel.  So adjacent, in fact, that I remarked how easy it would be to hop the fence that separated the Castelo and the street leading to what we would later discover to be the Solar do Castelo.

Listed as the only hotel within the walls of the Castelo, the Solar de Costelo is like a mini mansion that is self-sustained -- with a lounge, outside terrace, water fountain, and shuttle buses to anywhere you want to go, and a few peacocks who make an appearance now and again (see, I told you it was easy to go to and from the Castelo).

Rua das Cozinhas, 2
Lisbon 1100-181
+351 218 806 050


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