Initially when you enter Pensão Amor form the high street of  Rua do Alecrim (which leads to the prestigious area of Chiado), you immediately think that this is a throw-back to 20th century Paris: red velvet sofas, chandeliers, a cornucopia of small framed paintings and photographs, blue velvet curtains, mis-matched Bohemian furniture, and servers wearing All-Black with a crazy hat.  But when you look out of the windows of this 'highest of streets' you will notice that, Dang, you are in the heart of the Red Light District (note: in Lisbon, they paint the streets of this district in pink).

The Pensão Amor has many rooms each with their separate vibes that all somehow culminate into a space that is inclusive, open, happy and gay.  My kinda place.

Rua do Alecrim nº 19
Lisbon, Portugal


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