PORTO / Camafeu Restaurant


Camafeu is as unique as it gets.  Much like going to a friend's place for dinner (who might also be a top, up-and-coming chef with an eclectic aesthetic eye), this restaurant is located on the 2nd floor of a walk-up building, accessible via a discrete street-level door entrance and stairway that leads to a large unmarked door.  On the other side: a friendly greeter, who opens the door, but only after you have knock on it.  Très familial.

Indeed, the interior of the restaurant builds upon this felling, with French windows looking out on the bustling Carlos Alberto Square, paintings on the walls and carefully mismatched chairs next to a handful of tables, and no music. None.  Literally.

The dishes are inventive yet simple, and accompanied by an interesting wine list followed by an unforgettable selection of home-made desserts.

Praca Carlos Alberto 83
Porto 4050-158, Portugal

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