LISBON / Chapitô


Chapitô is non-profit and non-governmental organization for development, promoting professional training in the performing arts, including their well-known Circus school. Located just below the walls of the São Jorge Castelo, Chapitô is like a mini-village of terraces and restaurants each offering different vantage points of the stunning view of the Tagus river.  

You first enter via their gift shop displaying some creative artifacts made by local students.  Walk down to the first level and make a pit stop at their sangria bar serving the most delicious sangria in all of Lisbon.  Down another flight of stairs you arrive at another terrace and cafe where you can sip drinks next to their orange tree and look at the stars twinkle above you.  Farther on there is a small two-level house with two different restaurants, one more casual at ground level with the formal dining area above.  The latter is offers some of the most breath-taking views of the city and offers amazing fare to boot.

Costa do Castelo 7
1100 Lisboa, Portugal
+351 21 885 5550


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