TORONTO / Apartment 200

We were in the mood for a bar that felt like hanging out at home -- except that it would not actually be like hanging out at home.  Luckily we found Apartment 200.  Bearing the same name as the ultra hip residence-lounge-club in Montreal, TO's version inhabits the former Wicked bar which was a long-time fixture of the Queen West scene.  

After climbing a graffitied staircase, you arrive at an open loft space with exposed brick walls, vintage sofas, gilt mirrors, high-top tables, a pool table, and a large central bar. The graffiti theme reappears in the bathroom, giving you lots of stuff to read.  You then proceed to a living room section in the back that, as it turns out, transforms into a bottle-service area during the later hours, with a full DJ table and a sexy crowd that happily grinds away until it's time to go home.  Luckily after 10pm, a grilled-cheese bar opens up in the front to keep that blood alcohol level in check

Apartment 200
1034 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON
(416) 357-1299 
Hours: 7pm - 2.30am
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