TRAVEL / Live Like a Local

AirBnB has already cornered the market on living like a local in terms of accommodation.  Thanks to them, renting a loft in NYC for the night has become the norm.  But how local can you go?  There has been a recent new crop of AirBnB-esque sites offering other amenities to round out that local vibe experience.  Here are three of my favorites.


With more than 1,200 things to do in more than 20 countries world wide, this new platform takes 'living like a local' very literally by offering food & local experiences ranging from at-home dinners to private garden tours and to personal tuk tuk guides by passionate hosts. is specialized in South-East Asia however has recently begun expanding into some of our favorite European destinations such as Prague, Athens, Brussels, and Berlin.


For those of us who love to travel with our furry friends (guilty as charged), finding a local dog-sitter can be a real kopfschmerz.  Especially finding one that you can trust.  PawShake is here to help.  Search by sitter and by service type -- including anything from daycare, overnight stays, dog walks, or just house visits -- and then browse throught a plethora of vetted sitters for dogs and cats through a well though-out order process that will let you enjoy a night out, or two, while your loved one is safe and sound. Purrr....


It's hard enough to find a good home cleaning service in your local area -- never mind when you are visiting another city for an extended period of time.  Handy connects individuals looking for top-quality, pre-screened independent professionals in home cleaning and house repair services.  The booking process only takes a minute, and you'll be able to browse and access a broad selection of professionals in Canada, the US and the UK.  But for all of you NYC'ers, their home cleaning NYC offering is unsurpassed.