MOMENT OF / rainbow face sprinkles

BOSTON / smallest house in the WORLD


If you ever wanted to stay in Boston and roll around your house, I have found the perfect solution for you. This house -- although very very small -- is on wheels and can reasonably fit one person who can roll it anywhere. Yes, that's right.  You can roll it.  On wheels.  It also fits in a regular-sized van. Yes.  Fits "IN" a regular sized van.  It's just a thought.  Oh and PS: it is listed on AirBnB as "entire home for rent", in case you were worried that you would have to share it with someone else.

From $75 / night +
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LOVE / croco leather vintage bag by HUNTING SEASON



Inspired by the Maisonette project from Chicago-based architectural firm Studio Gang, designer and artist Benoit Bertrand has created stunning renders of a virtual Chicago loft interior, using 3ds Max and VRay softwares.

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WANT / sectional by COR Sitzmöbel Helmut Lübke


From Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Germany (about 2 hours south-west of Hanover... or just really far from Berlin), COR manufactures sectional sofas with a direct inspiration from the Swinging Sixties.  Formed in 1954 by Prince Bentheim Tecklenburg and Leo Lübke, they named their company COR (Latin for heart) because of something to do with three hearts and the coat of arms of the founders' families.  The COR sectional is comprised of just 3 easy pieces that can be combined and recombined until your (3) hearts content?

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NEED / marble everything BATHROOM

SPAIN / container home in PALMA DE MAJORCA


Live the experience.  A house constructed of container modules is just 5 minutes from the center of historic Palma. With a small lap pool, BBQ, hammock, and a surreal view of ceramic tiled rooftop, this modern little box house is both efficient and charming.

Starts at $210 CAD / night.
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"I believe in vintage-inspired, well-crafted jewelry that is both contemporary and timeless.  A girl after my own heart, Heidi Gibson is based in Southern California and has a BFA in Painting and a (partially) completed Masters of FA.  After her original engagement ring was lost in a house fire (and later recovered!), Heidi took it as an opportunity to design her ideal ring: the Gatsby piece. Art Deco and Vintage continue to be the source of her inspiration.

WANT / iPhone cases by CASETIFY


Edgy girlie is the motto for these iPhone6 cases designed by Casetify.  But they aren't just for the design-conscious -- they are also for us accident-prone gals with butter fingers.  Their durable hardshell exterior is co-molded with a soft, impact-absorbing layer for complete protection in a flexible, secure and lightweight form.  Now that is something worth reckoning.

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NEED / voile swimsuit by SAMMY DRESS


This one piece is minimal in that it accomplishes the basics: it sheepishly covers up your posterior and tatas with cleverly placed floral appliques on a transparent voile.

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MOMENT OF / face sparkles

LOVE / printed bikini by ZAFUL


How sweet is this little floral printed bikini by ZAFUL.  The leopard print strings are so unnecessarily over the top, it makes me love it even more.

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OBSESSED / rainbow pots by ROSENTHAL


My first job in the fashion industry was as a planner in the Home department at Bloomgindale's.  One of the many brands I worked with was Rosenthal, but back then they were pretty straight and narrow.  So who would have thought that they would create such a modern, refreshing take on a vase?  Not me.  These geometric vases come in 3 color-ways and white.