MADRID // Taberna Lamiak


After a long, bitterly cold day of sight-seeing in wintry Madrid, when we accidentally stumbled upon Taberna Lamiak  it was like waking up on Christmas morning.  Small and discreet, this unassuming gastro-tavern quickly warmed our toes and hearts with its delish wine menu and selection of gourmet tapas including duck confit puff paastry, boeuf Bourgignon, and chicken with brie & avocado baguette sandwich.

Calle de la Rosa 10
Madrid, Spain
Open daily 1-4pm & 8pm-midnight Tue-Sat, 1-4pm Sun
+34 91 365 52 12


MOMENT OF // Awesome Bangs

LISBON // LX Factory


Originally built in 1845 to be the headquarters of Lisbon's largest factory, La Companhia de Fiação e Tecidos Lisbonense (The Lisbon Company of Fabrics), this sprawling mini-village changed ownership several times until it was eventually abandoned.  Then in 2008, it was re-invented as LX Factory, Lisbon's creative island with the mission of being a "factory of experiences, where it becomes possible to intervene, think, produce, present ideas and products in a place that belongs to everyone, for everyone."

Sprawling beneath the majestic Ponte 25 de Abril suspension bridge (designed by the same peeps who created the similar looking one in San Francisco), this industrial strip is a pedestrian-only maze of cobble-stoned alleys with a central four-storey building full of low-cost spaces for creative entrepreneurs.  When walking through its hallways, you will see young companies in all walks of life: tech, art, marketing, real estate, design, and architecture.

LX Factory is best visited on Sundays when all of the vendors set up stalls on the main street, selling anything and everything including clothing, sweets, jewelry, vintage records, hand made ceramics, wine, cheese, and children's books.  However on other days, there are plenty of boutiques for shopping, cafes for sipping, restaurants for dining, art spaces for googling, interior design shops for drooling, and even a cheesecake pastelaria for diet-cheating.  You'll also find a slew of tattoo parlors, barber shops, and vintage furniture shops.

R. Rodrigues de Faria 
103, 1300 - 501 Lisboa
Tel (351) 21 314 3399 

LISBON // Pharmacia


Who knew that there would be an entire museum dedicated to pharmacy stuff?  Lisbon knew it.  And they also knew it would be a good idea to open a restaurant that would be exactly what the doctor ordered. Sharing a building with Museu de Farmacia, Pharmacia (spelled with a Ph minus the D) is a ktischy spot with amazing food and as superb view of the Tagus river close to the 25 de April Bridge (that one that looks like the San Fran bridge, mainly because it was designed by the same architects).

While you’re in for a “food check-up”… your cocktail prescription might include such item as Ibuprofen (cachaça beirão and lemon juice), Morphine (pineapple with sparkling wine), and LSD (whiskey and ginja). And, most importantly in this research project, don’t forget the Placebo (ginja and sparkling rose wine).

Rua Marechal Saldanha, 2  
Lisbon, Portugal
+351 213 462 146


LISBON // Navegadoors Short Stay Hotel


If you're looking for an artsy multi-purpose hotel alla Toronto's Drake Hotel, or New York's Ace Hotel, or Paris' Mama Shelter, then Lisbon Short Stay with its quirky resto-bar Navegadoors is the answer to this quest.  This hotel-espaço recently cropped up in the true center of Lisbon -- on Rua Augusta -- which is the central vein of the city leading down through the Arco da Rua Augusta auntil reaching the Tagus river's original entry-way to Lisbon, the Terreiro do Paço.

Very bohemian, the main floor reception and restaurant area is multi-functional in that it is an open-space where one can have a small meeting in a fringe-separated area, listen to some live Brazilian music below a water-float chandelier, or eat some American style frites com hambúrguer vegetariano.

The rooms above are extremely eclectic, each with their own vibe and -- if lucky -- a balcony overlooking the famous Rue Augusta.  Or if you need some more leg room, then head on up to their rooftop patio and get a full, unadulterated 360 view of this city that dates back to the Phoenicians.

Rooms start at €140
Lisbon Short Stay & Navegadoors Restaurant
Rua Augusta, 205 - 207
1100-580 Lisbon
+ 351 21 347 1238

LISBON // Mesa de Frades


Our favorite Fado bar in Alfama has always been Mesa de Frades.  Located in the Palace of the King's mistress on Rua dos Remédios 139,  this was not a Fado bar for tourists.  No sign outside. No cheesy prix-fixe menu.  No annoying host standing on the street, beckoning you to come in.  Just a basement-style room with ancient hand-painted tiles on the wall and non-descript furniture with people sitting on it, annoyed when you opened the door while someone was singing.  Yes, the Mesa de Frades was a hard-core, old-school Fado bar where people came simply to listen to Fado. 

So when we eagerly arrived at their doorstep again this year, we were super sad to learn that Mesa had relocated.  Foolish, we were.  As they renovate this historic King's mistress' palace, the owners of Mesa have moved their no-tourist-Fado-bar to a new, equally breathtaking space further up the Alfama hill.  Tucked into a killer climb combo of stairs & cobble stones that will make your buns burn, the new Mesa locale is in a hollowed out former civil parish of Lisbon's Saint Antonio.  With vaulted ceilings, stone floors, and just one teeny tiny window way up high in the corner, this is a Fado bar's wet dream:  when the music starts, the Fado music fills the space with such fullness and simplicity that it makes your skin tingle as you sip your vinho branco.

Mesa de Fadres
São Mamede 8A
1100-532 Lisboa
(no website... that's how desperately they don't want tourists) 

LISBON // Cruzes Credo


We had walked passed it a thousand times. Literally: a thousand times. At least.  It was on our route to and fro the Castello Sao Jorge.  We had seen it, surely, and maybe commented on how we could stop there one day.  But we never did.  It was just kind of there, existing.  That's how understated it is.  Smack dab against the walls of Church Saint Antonio, Cruzes Credo Café is the unsung hero of Alfama's eateries.

It's all about the food.  Well that, and the Moorish wall looming above you like a silly reminder of how dangerous church's had it back in the middle ages (they were called refuge churches because, in addition to providing religious services, they also gave people somewhere to skidaddle should the city be under siege).  But anyways, Cruzes Credo is all about the food.  It's just so good.  All of it.  We should know, because within one week we ate there four times.  Four.  And had sampled most of the menu.  Well, maybe not most of it -- it's huge -- but a decent chunk of it.  Who knew such an unassuming, folded-chair, non-candle-lit café had a gourmet menu of buffalo and mozzarella, avocado burgers, shrimps sautéed in saffron, and a cheescake made of cottage cheese?

We didn't.  But we do now.  Thankfully.

Cruzes Credo Café
Cruzes da Sé, 29
Lisbon, Portugal
+ 21 882 2296


""""""" Hemingway """""""

THE PERFECT // fall shoe


Black Block Heel by MAISON MARGIELA
A block heel?  A wedge?  Something in between.  Buffed leather heels in black. Almond toe. Leather lining in tan. Signature white stitch at heel collar. Covered block heel. Leather sole in tan.  // $995 // Tonal stitching // Approx. 3.5" heel.

Available at




Our First Ever Pop Up Shop... in Montreal!
We scoured la belle cite for a pop up shop location and immediately fell in love with this cute-as-a-button place in the Plateau.  Featuring some of the 'Best Of Brose' on sale at 90% (say what??), and some newer styles at, well, almost the same discount. Don't miss out on our daily #wineoclock at 5pm ;)

619 Duluth Street East
Montreal, QC
Starts September 20th, 2017
Daily 12-8pm 
For more information:




Giant Pixels Ebury Shopper
The leather squares have been individually heat bonded to suede for a luxurious, hologram finis that shimmers in the light. // £1,295.00 // H 26cm, W 52cm, D 15cm // Soft suede lining, large zipped pocket with gold-tone Anya Hindmarch bow and embossed logo

Available at


MOMENT OF // Grand Piano + Balloons

NOSEY // Cendrier Loser chez COLETTE


Loser Ashtray by Colette
At the bottom of this product listing on, it simply says 'Ne Pas Manquer' (do not miss).  Thatabout sumsitup.
15 €  // Available at

STRIPES // are the new BLACK


Let's Get Incarcerated

In a complicated world, there’s something reassuring about clean, simple black-and-white, especially when it’s organized into wide, logical stripes.  The look is cool and assertive -- and smacks of self-possession.  Plus, it reminds me of the 80's, which is always a good thing.

Clockwise from top left: // Ports 1061 Pre-Fall 2017 // ScottSAAS // Natalie Joos, Caroline's Mode // Natalie Joos, Stockholm Street Style  // Helen Bordon, StyleCaster // Kitto Plant-Powered Super Fuel // Color Factory, San Francisco // Harper's Bazaar, Street Style FW17

OBSESSED // Chocolate Satin Oxford Pump


Paris Oxford Lucite Heel by SOPHIE BUHAI x MNZ
Chocolate satin lace-up oxford with square toe and clear lucite scultped block heel. 
$711 // 3.5" heel // 100% Satin // Made in Italy
Available at