I DREAM OF // This Stairway

PASTEL PRETTY // Fanaberia Crepes & Cafe in POLAND


In a small Polish town on the Baltic coast, Sopot, recently-opened Fanaberia Crepes & Cafe is delighting both locals and visitors with its soft, clean design and yummy pancakes & crepes.  Designed by Sopot-based P/B STUDIO, the approach was in keeping with a very cheerful, seaside vibe with coastal accents of navy, dusty corals, roping, metal fixtures, and ratan -- Oh, and of course, lots of light wood.

Fanaberia Crepes & Cafe
Dworcova 7
81-710 Sopot, Poland

GIFTED / Retro Turn Table


In its travel-size suitcase, the Portable Coupe Turntable from Crosley Radio will not only play some vinyl music stuff, it will remind you of the days wen you used to buy it as a young teen dying to hear Madonna's newly released 'Like A Virgin' album.

Featuring a diamond stylus needle and a built-in speaker, the Coupe Turntable plays three speeds, just like they used to (in case you can still remember what that means).

The Portable Coupe Turnable by Crosley Radi
L 4.75” W 15.50” H 10.75” 
3 Colors 
Available at Fab.com


TIME FOR / Spring

NEED / I'm Outa Here Passport Cover


Having a passport cover is not about style.  Well, ok, maybe it is.  Just a little.  I love this case, because it's sassy and it's something I say all of the time.  Also the color palette is one of my faves -- rose-gold layered on a faded orchid pink.  Plus the calligraphy style is childish bordering on obnoxious.  And then it's all lower case.  And so silly. It's very, very sillies.

But having a passport cover can legit save you from some compromising situations.  For example, if you haplessly put it in your jean pocket and forget that it's there, and then to firmly fold and press your jeans into an overnight bag for your sexy weekend getaway to the beach -- and then remember it after you returned from the beach and your sexy weekend getaway bag got swallowed up by the sea, multiple times, really, too many to count, because you were too preoccupied about saving your glass of wine from toppling over.  

Apparently officers at customs don't like passports that have been folded in multiple spots and then drenched in salt water.  I mean, if you had already hooked up your passport to a substantial leather cover of some sort containing a witty self-deprecating meme -- the likelihood of you forgetting your passport in your jean pocket could be significantly reduced.  Just a head's up.


The Getaway I'm Outta Here Passport Holder
Available at Red Dress Boutique

MAISON / Horizontal House in ARGENTINA


The design premise for this unique bungalow (aka 'horizontal house') was simple: integrate with nature as much as possible.  Using natural materials such as wood, marble and concrete, architect firm DIVISARE played around with proportion and space, ultimately delivering a unique living space in a challenging environment (a suburban area, I mean -- they can be nasty).

The house is divided into two main areas; the north-south axis gathers the garage, kitchen, living, dining and service units, while on the east-west corridor are located the private areas, finishing in the main suite.

Learn more here

OBSEDSSED / Star Studded Pillow


Vintage Constellations Pillow by ONE COSA BELLA
L 16” W 16” H 3” 
100% Premium Polyester
Available at  Fab.com

OBSESSED / 80's Bowl Cut

POUR LES bébés: Buk & Nola


Apparently this is a store for kids' stuff.  I mean, I can't disagree with them.  There are lots of unicorn things, polka dots, balloons, animal glass stirs, cute birthday cards, rainbow pillows, rainbow glasses, rainbow purses, rainbow balloons, rainbow birthday cards, rainbows... It has a certain point of view, let's just say.  Also, everything is meticulously laid out.  Mdme LaSerieuse had definitely paid a visit before I entered this pristine store where every single cup was perfectly piled up and squared off against an equally and well-stacked pair of cloud pillows.  I mean, if bébés are their business, then business is good.

Despite the fact that they seem to be adamant about their premise that the store is for kids only -- somehow I couldn't stop picking up various and assundry items for myself: a raffia throw pillow with pick-stitching; a CLUSE watch; a gold horse-shoe pendent necklace; a rainbow purse; a rainbow pillow; a rainbow unicorn... damn.

1593 Laurier east
Montreal, Quebec H2J 1J1
(514) 357-2680


Gnocchi Della Nonna / DROGHERIA FINE #MTL


You know when you are walking down the street and you suddenly feel like eating something home-cooked, warm, and nostalgic?  But you also don't want to get saddled into an hour long meal just for that kind of experience?  Franco Grattuso knows exactly what you're talking about.  With only 10 products for sale -- including his secret "Salsa Della Nonna" -- this tiny little food outlet on Mile End's trendy Rue Fairmount let's you line up for mere seconds for the chance to enjoy his family recipe for tomato sauce.  Drizzled over home-made gnocchi with fresh parmesan presented in a Chinese take-out paper box, it will make your knees buckle. Ti lo promesso.

8 Fairmount Street West
Montreal, QC
T. 514-588-7477

Desk / GOALS

MONTREAL / Atwater Cocktail Club


You won't find this place on many 'best of' lists (at least, not yet) -- or even just by simply walking down the street.  That's because the Atwater Cocktail Club doesn't want to be found.  The force behind Foiegwa has made sure of this by tucking it away at the end of a graffiti-covered alley that is poorly lit, even during the day.

As we were being whisked down the alley after a superb meal at Foiegwa, we were feeling apprehensive, at best.  Why isn't there a sign above the door?  What's with the large black door?  Why is there a bouncer outside?  Why hasn't someone mentioned this to us -- other than the peeps from Foiegwa?  All of these questions were running through our minds as we entered the low-lit cavernous speak-easy that was full to the brim even on a Tuesday night.  D'oh.  So silly, we had been.

The interior is a throw-back to the days of Al Capone with red tufted leather banquettes and everything else either black, shiny or mirrored.  Designed by the Gaulay Brothers, you can't help but immediately want to sit down and order a drink.  And drink, we did, thanks to an original cocktail list and impressive cave selection.

512 Avenue Atwater, Montréal
T. (438) 387-4252

OBSESSED / Super Sequin Booties by MARGIELA


It's always ok to wear sequins.  Just looking at these super-sequined booties by MAISON MARIGELA puts a smile on my face.  The perspex block heel make we want them more.

Heel 3 inches
Silver textured-leather

 Made in Italy
Available at net-a-porter.com


MONTREAL / Foiegwa


I took my better half for his birthday dinner to Foiegwa this week after seeing much a doo about it on social media.  I will admit that the name was initially the most appealing element -- I always appreciate humor and food, especially when mixed together.  Turns out it was just one of many appealing shit.  When we entered the cozy French diner, we were (pleasantly) surprised by how compact it is.  I mean, there are likely no more than 30 tables.   Parfait.

Depite its name (that mocks English--speaking Canadians' inability to pronounce foiegras), Foiegwa only offers 1 true dish with foiegras (there is an appetizer with chicken liver pate, but this is, well, not foiegras).  Oh and there is also foiegras as an option on one or two burgers.  But who cares.  All of these food is instatiable.  We ordered frogs legs and mussles with clams and our mouths slaivate even today as I write this.

We bonded with our server of the evening (who is also one of the partners, Gabriel, such as sweetie).  He was informative, friendly, and opinionated.  Just how we like them.  And maybe we were just how he liked us?  Because after dinner, they whisked us away to their new and yet little known sister venue, the Atwater Cocktail Club.  Now that is what I call 'service.'

3001 Notre-Dame St W
Montreal, QC