NEED / dog house by KOOLDOG


I won't lie: If you don't want an ugly crate or gross plastic hard-case carrier for your pooch, it's not easy.  This Scandi-slick dog house designed by Toronto-based and Dragon's Den alum Kooldog has solved the problem of blending design with function -- and most of all comfort for your furry BFF.  With a plush cushion and ventilation holes on both ends, your little friend can chill in comfort while your glass of wine breathes on the tabletop.

with door add $99
18.5”H x 16”W x 23”L
Available at


MONTREAL / L'Express


The first time that I ate at L'Express was nearly 20 years ago, and while the face of Montreal has certainly changed since then -- L'Express, thankfully, has not.  Indeed as I walked down St Denis, passing one 'A Louer' store front sign after the other, interspersed with lonely, customer-less restaurants and remnants of cafés past, I had my doubts whether this Montreal staple still had it.  But as soon as I walked through the door, I was met with the same classic, warm bustling bistro I remember loving all of those years ago.  

With not one empty table or spot at the bar, and on a Wednesday night no less, L'Express was bursting at the seams. The soothing clatter of lively conversations over the clinking of plates and wine glasses filled the air as the Maitre D swiftly whisked me to a back nook of the restaurant where a friend was already waitingWith waiters neatly in their penguin suits, a black and white check floor tile, a hand-written menu, classic French cuisine, and a wine list longer than one has the time to read, you can't help but relax and pretend for a couple hours to be transported to somewhere Paris.

Since opening its doors in 1980, L'Express continues to serve delicious plats in a lovely atmosphere and has certainly proven that it is here to stay.

3927 Rue Saint-Denis
Montréal, QC
(514) 845-5333

NOSEY / Upcycling by VIKTOR & ROLF


Remember that scene in Cinderella where the jealous step-sisters tear apart her pretty pink gown until she is left standing with just some scraps in her hands?  At the Viktor & Rolf Haute Couture Spring 2017 collection, Cinderella would have enjoyed a rather cathartic moment.  With the goal of giving some TLC to vintage gowns & cocktail dresses, the duo hacked up some pieces that had been gathering dust and upcycled them into couture collages worthy of any princess.  

Inspired by Kintsugi, a type of Japanese pottery where broken bits are repaired by using gold or silver to make imperfections pretty, this is the designers' second season of upcycling continuing from last season where they reinvented old archive pieces into fresh, modern beauties.

Viktor & Rolf Spring 2017 Couture Show

Y / I love this BAG


Because of the 'Y'.

Grained calfskin
Made in Italy
Available at



G-FURN has developed a reproduction of the Ray & Charles DSR Eiffel chair originally designed by Herman Miller in 1950.  The G-FURN Eiffel Chair is part of a larger collection including a variety of design details such as patchworking, plexiglass, wire framing, and rocking chair legs. Coming in a rainbow of 30 colors, G-FURN has given new energy to this classic and at a very palatable price.

Made of polypropylene
W 53cm x D 46.5cm x H 83.5cm
Available at

LUST / leather + concrete + wood



For those of you who still struggle with the idea of having a small pattern of something repeated over and over and over again all over your walls -- fret no more.  Anthropologie has a limited edition, web-exclusive collection of wall paper murals that make you feel like you are living among hand-painted walls inspired by vintage European paintings.  Digitally printed on high quality paper, each roll includes 8 panels that create one large scale artwork that you can either keep repeating (all be it less frequently), or just hang then loosely on clips old school, like proofs in a dark room.

Mural Wall Paper
9' x 12' panels 
8 panels / roll
$229 - $698 USD
Available at


MOMENT OF / Gloss Eye + Lip

NEED / Shit Fuck Stud Earrings


Hand-stamped 'Shit Fuck" brass stud earrings by Grey Theory Mill
$52 CAD
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WEDDING / Metallic Cakes

LISBON / Tábuas Porto Wine Tavern


Tucked away off the main shopping district in the center of Lisbon, Tábuas Porto Wine Tavern offers traditional Portuguese tapas paired with vintage Portguese wines, specializing in Port labels that go as far back as 40 years.  Set in an old wine cave, the decor is entirely made of anything wine-related: barrels, corks, and rows upon rows of bottles on the walls, floor and ceiling.  Cheers.

Tábuas Porto Wine Tavern
Rua dos Bacalhoeiros 143
1100-253 Lisboa
+351 21 133 2917