NOSEY / Upcycling by VIKTOR & ROLF

Remember that scene in Cinderella where the jealous step-sisters tear apart her pretty pink gown until she is left standing with just some scraps in her hands?  At the Viktor & Rolf Haute Couture Spring 2017 collection, Cinderella would have enjoyed a rather cathartic moment.  With the goal of giving some TLC to vintage gowns & cocktail dresses, the duo hacked up some pieces that had been gathering dust and upcycled them into couture collages worthy of any princess.  

Inspired by Kintsugi, a type of Japanese pottery where broken bits are repaired by using gold or silver to make imperfections pretty, this is the designers' second season of upcycling continuing from last season where they reinvented old archive pieces into fresh, modern beauties.

Viktor & Rolf Spring 2017 Couture Show

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