MONTREAL / L'Entrepôt Mont-Royal

For reasons that are still not clear to me, it's hard to find a middle-range locale in the Plateau where you can eat good grub at a decent price.  Restaurants here are either fine-dining or Seinfeld-esque.  Not that there is anything wrong with either.  It's just that sometimes you don't want to blow $200+ on a late lunch because your Saturday morning Skype call with a client overseas went on longer that you had predicted.  And neither do you want to eat chicken pucks dipped in store-bought gravy served with diet pop in a styrofoam cup.

L'Entrepôt had been on our radar for a couple of weeks, mostly because it was the one place on Avenue Mont-Royal that was always lined up after 6pm on any given day.  Initially when we saw the lineup of youngsters, we weren't sure it was for us.  Hence our well thought-out strategy of coming mid-meal time on a Saturday afternoon (it was 3 ish).  Didn't matter.  Though there was no line-up, the entire place was jam packed.   And now that we have eaten there, we know why: every single item on the menu is $4.95.  Yes, it's true. There are, of course, the usual add-ons such as replacing the burger's fries with poutine.  Or adding a little bit of chicken on your kale caesar salad (emphasis on little). Or up-sizing your # of home-made doughnuts for dessert.  Normal stuff.  What's not normal?  The food tastes good.  I mean, really really good. So good.  Just good.

1019 av. Mont-Royal est
Montreal, QC
514 507-3133 

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