MONTREAL / Atwater Cocktail Club


You won't find this place on many 'best of' lists (at least, not yet) -- or even just by simply walking down the street.  That's because the Atwater Cocktail Club doesn't want to be found.  The force behind Foiegwa has made sure of this by tucking it away at the end of a graffiti-covered alley that is poorly lit, even during the day.

As we were being whisked down the alley after a superb meal at Foiegwa, we were feeling apprehensive, at best.  Why isn't there a sign above the door?  What's with the large black door?  Why is there a bouncer outside?  Why hasn't someone mentioned this to us -- other than the peeps from Foiegwa?  All of these questions were running through our minds as we entered the low-lit cavernous speak-easy that was full to the brim even on a Tuesday night.  D'oh.  So silly, we had been.

The interior is a throw-back to the days of Al Capone with red tufted leather banquettes and everything else either black, shiny or mirrored.  Designed by the Gaulay Brothers, you can't help but immediately want to sit down and order a drink.  And drink, we did, thanks to an original cocktail list and impressive cave selection.

512 Avenue Atwater, Montréal
T. (438) 387-4252

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