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I took my better half for his birthday dinner to Foiegwa this week after seeing much a doo about it on social media.  I will admit that the name was initially the most appealing element -- I always appreciate humor and food, especially when mixed together.  Turns out it was just one of many appealing shit.  When we entered the cozy French diner, we were (pleasantly) surprised by how compact it is.  I mean, there are likely no more than 30 tables.   Parfait.

Depite its name (that mocks English--speaking Canadians' inability to pronounce foiegras), Foiegwa only offers 1 true dish with foiegras (there is an appetizer with chicken liver pate, but this is, well, not foiegras).  Oh and there is also foiegras as an option on one or two burgers.  But who cares.  All of these food is instatiable.  We ordered frogs legs and mussles with clams and our mouths slaivate even today as I write this.

We bonded with our server of the evening (who is also one of the partners, Gabriel, such as sweetie).  He was informative, friendly, and opinionated.  Just how we like them.  And maybe we were just how he liked us?  Because after dinner, they whisked us away to their new and yet little known sister venue, the Atwater Cocktail Club.  Now that is what I call 'service.'

3001 Notre-Dame St W
Montreal, QC

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