POUR LES bébés: Buk & Nola


Apparently this is a store for kids' stuff.  I mean, I can't disagree with them.  There are lots of unicorn things, polka dots, balloons, animal glass stirs, cute birthday cards, rainbow pillows, rainbow glasses, rainbow purses, rainbow balloons, rainbow birthday cards, rainbows... It has a certain point of view, let's just say.  Also, everything is meticulously laid out.  Mdme LaSerieuse had definitely paid a visit before I entered this pristine store where every single cup was perfectly piled up and squared off against an equally and well-stacked pair of cloud pillows.  I mean, if bébés are their business, then business is good.

Despite the fact that they seem to be adamant about their premise that the store is for kids only -- somehow I couldn't stop picking up various and assundry items for myself: a raffia throw pillow with pick-stitching; a CLUSE watch; a gold horse-shoe pendent necklace; a rainbow purse; a rainbow pillow; a rainbow unicorn... damn.

1593 Laurier east
Montreal, Quebec H2J 1J1
(514) 357-2680


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