CAKED // Our Annual guide to WEDDING CAKES


Deciding on a wedding cake can be so stressful.  The actual taste not-withstanding (yes, this is important, too), the design choices can be overwhelming and -- so I've heard -- incapacitating.  

If you decide to go with a floral motif, your wedding cake design can serve as a compliment to your bridal bouquet.  Having problems committing to tulips vs chrysanthemums?  Why not assign your second or third choices to your cake.  Consider it a consolation round of the amazing, jaw-dropping ideas you just could not incorporate into your bridal bouquet. Be damned those nay-sayers who said that you couldn't get everything you wanted.  You've got a wedding cake design to contend with and damnit, you won't let flowers get the better of you.

This year we dedicate our annual wedding cake post to floral designs.  Today more than ever, they can look like the real thing -- and you don't even have to worry about watering them.  Just a fridge, and a lot of creativity, will do.


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