MOMENT OF // Pink Eye Gloss

DECO // Gold Rim Glassware by ANTHROPOLOGIE


Hand made in the Czech Republic, this 24 K gold rim stemless glassware come in the palest shade of pink.

Gilded Rim Stemless Glass
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NEED // Glitter Sparkling Wine


What happens when you mix wine + glitter + giving back? One Hope. With aromas of fresh green apple, nectarine, and a hint of baked bread, succulent peach, sweet berries and pear, this California Brut Sparkling Wine is self-equipped with the most important ingredient for having fun: glitter.  Part of a collection of sparkling vinos in different glitter colors, this semi-dry wine is best paired with scallops, halibut chips with a cilantro aioli, or a lemon tart.

But the fun doesn't stop there.  Each bottle contributes to help for a variety of causes including breast cancer, bullying and hunger.  To date they have helped raise $2 Million in donations, provided 46,000 people with global health care, 18,000 forever homes for sheltered animals, 1.1 Million meals for children, and 43,000 vaccines worldwide.

It's glitterally the gift that keeps on giving.

Glitter California  Brut Sparkling Wine by ONE HOPE
750 ml // 11% alc.
Sweetness: Off-Dry //Body: Medium //Acidity: Balanced
Collection: Pink Chardonnay, Red Pinot Noir, Rainbow Champagne
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MOMENT OF // Metal Eye Liner

MAISON // Allen Key House


Located in Sydney's leafy North Shore, the Allen Key House is a renovation by architect Prineas of a 1930's California-style bungalow.  The rear addition is connected to the original structure via a small link, distinguishing between the old and new. The link creates two internal courtyards that serve as a study with ensuite.

Photography: Chris Warnes


LOVE // Eye Buy Direct


Eye Buyer Direct was founded in 2005 with a firm, diplomatic approach to eyewear: Everyone deserves the right to afford better vision with good design.  With jaw-dropping prices starting at $6 for a complete pair of glasses (yes, you read that right -- six dollars) with an average up to $70 per pair, Eye Buy Direct's vertically integrated manufacturing process strives to offer the best price for the best design.  Today, they offer more than 1,000 frames in colors, materials, and styles that fit every preference.



St-Andrews-By-The-Sea // The Algonquin


We arrived at St-Andrews-By-The-Sea, New Brunswick, just as news broke out that USA Today had rated the seaside town as the #1 place to vacation in Canada.  Opened in 1889 as Canada's first seaside resort, the Algonquin was recently renovated with a whopping $40 Million budget -- and it definitely shows.  Meticulously restored to its original glamour, the interior is decorated with a mix of art deco and local hand-crafted items, such as large fish sculptures made entirely of beer cans.  The rooms are luxurious with every modern amenity, and the hotel front side is wrapped in a veranda with immaculate views of the Fundy Bay.  But best of all, when you enter the Algonquin you are immediately greeted by their resident black labrador, Shelly.  Yup, that's right -- you can bring your furry friend, too.

184 Adolphus Street 
St.Andrews by-the-Sea
New Brunswick, Canada 

(855) 529-8693 


MOMENT OF // Dotted Nails