NEED // Glitter Sparkling Wine


What happens when you mix wine + glitter + giving back? One Hope. With aromas of fresh green apple, nectarine, and a hint of baked bread, succulent peach, sweet berries and pear, this California Brut Sparkling Wine is self-equipped with the most important ingredient for having fun: glitter.  Part of a collection of sparkling vinos in different glitter colors, this semi-dry wine is best paired with scallops, halibut chips with a cilantro aioli, or a lemon tart.

But the fun doesn't stop there.  Each bottle contributes to help for a variety of causes including breast cancer, bullying and hunger.  To date they have helped raise $2 Million in donations, provided 46,000 people with global health care, 18,000 forever homes for sheltered animals, 1.1 Million meals for children, and 43,000 vaccines worldwide.

It's glitterally the gift that keeps on giving.

Glitter California  Brut Sparkling Wine by ONE HOPE
750 ml // 11% alc.
Sweetness: Off-Dry //Body: Medium //Acidity: Balanced
Collection: Pink Chardonnay, Red Pinot Noir, Rainbow Champagne
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