LISBON // Cruzes Credo

We had walked passed it a thousand times. Literally: a thousand times. At least.  It was on our route to and fro the Castello Sao Jorge.  We had seen it, surely, and maybe commented on how we could stop there one day.  But we never did.  It was just kind of there, existing.  That's how understated it is.  Smack dab against the walls of Church Saint Antonio, Cruzes Credo Café is the unsung hero of Alfama's eateries.

It's all about the food.  Well that, and the Moorish wall looming above you like a silly reminder of how dangerous church's had it back in the middle ages (they were called refuge churches because, in addition to providing religious services, they also gave people somewhere to skidaddle should the city be under siege).  But anyways, Cruzes Credo is all about the food.  It's just so good.  All of it.  We should know, because within one week we ate there four times.  Four.  And had sampled most of the menu.  Well, maybe not most of it -- it's huge -- but a decent chunk of it.  Who knew such an unassuming, folded-chair, non-candle-lit café had a gourmet menu of buffalo and mozzarella, avocado burgers, shrimps sautéed in saffron, and a cheescake made of cottage cheese?

We didn't.  But we do now.  Thankfully.

Cruzes Credo Café
Cruzes da Sé, 29
Lisbon, Portugal
+ 21 882 2296

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