PORTO // Adega Sao Nicolau


Nestled in a small alleway off of the Douro river, Adega Sao Nicolau is a restaurant that you have to visit when in Porto.  Originally built as an adega (winery) more than 80 years ago, it then became a tasca (tavern), and then next transformed into a casa de pasto (eating house) until eventually settling into what it is today: one of Porto's best gastronomical destinations.

Under the command of António Coelho for more than 20 years, Adega Sao Nicolau is a warm restaurant of traditional Portuguese fare in a setting reminiscent of the interior of a wine bottle.  All of the food is locally sourced from the countryside and then is magically transformed into delicious signature dishes served in iron pots, such as seafood rice or chicken bordelaise.  Don't skip out on the appetizers of home-made cod cakes and cornbread with garlic-infused olive oil, and definitely indulge in one of their home-made desserts and from their selection of rare Porto labels.

R. de São Nicolau 1
Porto, Portugal
Mon-Sat 12-3pm & 7-11pm
+ 351 22 200 8232

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