LISBON // Pizzeria Casanova

OMG how good is the food here?  Right?  It's just so unbelievably yummy.  We hadn't planned on eating there when we arrived -- it was sometime between 3-4 pm which was more of a cocktail hour for us (hey, don't judget -- anyways it was for sure 5pm somewhere else).  Pizzeria Casanova is located along the river in front of one of the ports where cruise ships of any size will dock.  It's among a row of restaurants and a couple of small shops (including a music store!!), all residing in renovated former-warehouses that sprinkle the entire Lisbon shores.

But when we sat down at one of the communal tables and saw table after table with one pizza plate after another, smells of cheese and tomato sauce wafting in the air, we just had to partake.  So we ordered the DIAVOLA (Italian for 'She Devil') and 'She' did not disappoint.  The crust is perfectly thin, the sauce so fresh and tasty, and then there was the spicy paper-thin saussage which gave it that 'Devilish' kick.  Oh, we also ordered the pasta carbonara for good measure.  Y0u know, just in case we would need a snack after the snack.

Av. Infante D. Henrique
Cais da Pedra รก Bica do Sapato. 
Arm.7 Loja B
Lisbon, Portuga 

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